Advocate Redi-Code Meters?

Does anyone use Advocate Redi-Code meters? This third party vendor that deals with my insurance company sent it to me (and billed the insurance company a whopping $500 for the meter and 90-day supply of strips with lancets!) so I've been using it for a few months. I have no idea if this is a meter that's considered accurate or not, but I have looked up prices of it and it's very cheap and there's not much info on it.

I went to a diabetes workshop at my sister’s hospital and sales reps from Accu-Check gave me a free meter. (By the way, attending one of those free workshops at your local hospitals is a good way to get free meters & supplies!) I’ve been noticising that the Advocate one reads consistently higher than the Accu-Chek by 15-25 mg/dl. Just wondering which meter is off. Of course I use the control solution, discard the first drop of blood, use the same finger and all that.

If I go by Advocate, I am still not in the normal range (I am never in the 80’s for fasting) but with Accu-Chek, I could be slightly hypoglycemic (66 fasting this morning!). I didn’t feel dizzy or anything though. I hate wasting test strips but sometimes with testing 8 times a day, I have to run two tests using each meter to figure out if my breakfast was too high in carbs or not.