Aetna only allows orders directly from Dexcom? But Dexcom no longer provides supplies?

Has anyone on here with Aetna insurance been contacted by Dexcom yet about transferring supply orders to a different supplier? Dexcom called me last week to tell me they will no longer be providing supply orders directly to customers and that I’d need to be referred to a different supplier. They sent a referral to an in-network supplier (CCS Medical), and CCS just called me saying they can’t process my order because Aetna’s contract only allows for orders directly from Dexcom. This makes no sense!

@hollymateluber, phone Aetna customer service directly and pose the question to them.

I did call Aetna, and they had no idea what I was talking about and told me to speak with Dexcom…I then contacted Dexcom again and they are going to try sending my referral to Solara. Dexcom said they are now aware of the issues with Aetna and are actively working on it, so hopefully it won’t be problematic for anyone else moving forward. Seems like I just have bad luck with my needing a sensor order coinciding with their switchover to other suppliers.

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I have something sort of similar. I have Kaiser insurance. There is a Kaiser person at dexcom who only handles Kaiser orders.

Once you get that person, you will be able to do orders. I had to call to even know there was a different number.

I can’t use online ordering etc. only that one phone number.
But strangely it is still direct with dexcom.

I wonder if your insurance company has something similar.
There has to be something in place.

May be true now, but Dexcom is trying to switch everyone to DME supplier or pharmacy.
Just a matter of time.

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Do you have employer plan. If so, contact HR Benefits to see if they can identify who to talk to in HR that may be able to help.

@hollymateluber I have Aetna Medicare Advantage Dexcom refereed my doctor to Solara. It was a long process but I should be getting the G6 soon. You might have to get your doc to send the prescription to Solara.

I would start restarting your sensors so you can build a back up supply just because of things like this. These kind of red tape things take time to solve sometimes.

In the meantime, ask Dexcom to at least supply the next order so you don’t run short since this is their fault. If they can’t/won’t ask for a couple of sensors to get sent to you to get you by until it’s solved. I’m not sure about now, but when they were originally setting me up with a company for Medicare they were very willing to send a couple of freeby sensors to get me by if needed. I didn’t need any as I had a well stocked back up supply from restarts.

Who cover durable medical supplies? Aetna should provide you a list. Nancy50

I am going through this same thing. I got my last order and than a few weeks later I was getting calls and emails for like five different people.
Aetna doesn’t allow me to order pump supplies from Tandem so I made the switch from Edgepark to Pumps It. When I got my new Tandem Control IQ I did get all my pump supplies and Dexcom supplies (sensors & transmitters) from them. So now, I have left messages and emails with these five different people to make sure using Pumps It is ok. I did contact my order person at Pumps It and she said no problem, they can add the sensors to my next order. But wow, this is why people hate insurance companies. Nothing is ever easy or quick. The run around can be endless! Sorry you are going through this but it sounds like there are a lot of us in the same situation.
God help us!

I’m going through the same thing now too with Dexcom and Aetna.

Dexcom is just once again proving that they are a crappy company, but unfortunately they have a great product. Everyone remember when they fired all their US-based customer support staff and moved everything to the Philippines?

I just got off the phone with my new supplier. My copay with Dexcom for a 90-day supply used to be something like $60. My new copay with this new supplier is $80 for a 30-day supply. So my 90-day supply cost is going from $60 to $240. Thanks Dexcom! And this is probably all because they realized they could save money by laying off the staff that handled direct orders from customers.

Maybe they shouldn’t be buying adds during the Super Bowl. That might save some money.