Aetna Pharmacy makes me cry


Thank you! Actually, I arrived home today to find the box of Novolog on my doorstop. It took quite a bit of finagling and it wasn’t looking promising, but Aetna did finally approve me to skip the “step therapy” and approved the Novolog for a year. Thank goodness.


My goodness, such good news! Congratulations! This must be such a relief.

It makes me feel really good to read about your happy ending:-)


Hi, I just discovered this forum from a Google search. Aetna is denying coverage for my dad’s insulin, Humalog, through Medicare. Any chance you may still have those insurance appeal letters to share? Thanks in advance.


Sure, but it kind of depends on the situation as to what you need.

Are they denying him any insulin? Is he T1 or T2? Are they saying he has to use a different type of insulin? Or he can’t get any insulin?