Afraid to start insulin? Basics? (embarassed to admit!)

Hi, Kathy,
I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis also and find it is directly related to what I eat. Going gluten free has helped a lot, but I was sensitive to many other foods. I can tell if I eat something I’m sensitive too as my elbows and heels start to hurt and my fingers get stiff. Don’t know how much it affects my BG levels. I have hypothyroid also. I’m diagnosed with LADA and take Levemir and Regular.

There are lots of different “speeds” of insulin, from long acting basal insulin to Apidra, which starts as soon as you inject. Most people do a combination of basal and rapid insulin, taking the rapid before meals based on the number of grams of carbs you are eating.

Hi Libby -
I’ve chatted with you about GF :slight_smile: HI !!
Amazing how quick that gluten stuff gets to the system!! I don’t know what it was doing before I cut it out but the only time I ‘broke’ I did get a bad payback for doing it (last summer). You had ICA’s correct? It’s amazing how much we are both alike and yet we are considered in two different diabetes catagories (I’m considered T2). I’ve been offered to have my genetics done at a possible discount but it’s still way too costly.
So far…I think I like the Levemir over Metforim for my mild diabetes.
BTW…been meaning to ask…are those your dogs?
And I only found out yesterday the low carb food I’ve been feeding my cat (and got her off of insulin) is gluten free also!! Imagine that. Here she was GF 2 years before me!

You of course realize that testing positive for ICA (Islet Cell Antibodies) means that you are autoimmune, and by definition not a t2, but a t1 (LADA). I’m just sayin.

Libby was positive (correct Libby?)
I did not have them when tested - and ICA’s can be transient - right? I was not tested when I was very sick. Libby’s ‘laundry list’ of things is very close to mine (more so than anyone else I’ve seen on this board).
Personally…I think there are a mix of genes affecting me and I’m lucky that researching things I’ve been able to help my situation greatly.

ok, my mistake, I thought you were ICA positive.

Yes, I had islet cell antibodies, but on my most recent testing they were undetectable. My thyroid antibodies were greatly reduced. Those are (or were) my standard poodle dogs. Phoenix, the white one, died a couple of years ago at age 13. The black puppy, Geordie, is now 8 years old. We have a new “puppy”, Cassidy, who is a tripod. Her mom bit her leg off accidentally at birth. She has spondylosis but with physical therapy and a gluten free diet, she’s doing great. I attached a photo of her.

Very cute puppy!! Healthy looking too. I had to look up spondylosis - that’s a tough diagnosis for a pup.
My dog arrived at our house nearly a year ago as a lost puppy (most likely owner was pleased to get rid of her since no one claimed her). Husky + some type of herding dog mix. I never thought I would like a dog but now that I have one I’m very much enjoying it. I know poodles are smart but how are they otherwise? Don’t know how to phrase that - being the non-dog person I am…still :slight_smile: A cat person I will always be, but curious about dogs and their personalities. We jokingly call Willow ‘clown dog’. Fits her.
Great on the lowering of thyroid antibodies also!! I had TSI’s but they hadn’t been checked since that test has changed (no Graves just the antibodies higher than they should be). Endo kept on looking for the TPO’s but they never showed and since going GF my TSH lowered to normal + FT3 has increase slightly (wish more but I’ll take whatever I can get).
GF all the way!! Hard but it does work.

Today I went to the endo and she sent me home with my new levimer pens! She said start at 5 units before bed…really not 2units then work up? Any advice before I go to bed tonight? My first day as IDDM!

Great! Five units isn’t very much & she’s based this on your weight & BG.

A good thing to do, though not fun, is to set the alarm for 2-3 AM & test for several nights.

Eat a small protein snack before bed. A piece of cheese or a few nuts.

Thanks I will do it!! I appreciate you!

Well, here is my advice for whatever it is worth. Don’t think about it. Don’t worry yourself about how it is a big day. Don’t worry that it will hurt. Just do it. Just inject. Then tomorrow, take your recommended units again. Don’t worry yourself about it, don’t analyze it and don’t for a minute be afraid. You are brave and couragous and you can do this.

Then, tomorrow afternoon, sit down, and think through everything. Worry. Ponder the change in your life. Write it down in a note to yourself. Describe your feelings, your thoughts. At some later date, you can look back in wonder at the day and surprise yourself at how you felt.

But today, separate your feelings about the matter and just take care of business, you will be fine.

Thanks! it does always help to write about it, and get over it! I will do that. This morning I felt really good about it after leaving the docs office and a sense of relief for some reason?? At times I do feel worry. Thanks for the support! This too shall pass.

So I will need a glass of wine!! I should probably wait to attempt this after I get it down right???

I would certainly inject and then have the glass of wine. Ow, to h*ll with it. Have a glass of wine before and then another afterwards. I recommend a good Australian Shiraz.

Hee hee hee! I’ll have to try the Australian Shriaz, I’ve been drinking Malbec! yum