Afrezza and Carb Counting?

I’m reading on Twitter that there are Afrezza users who do not count carbs any longer. I’m curious to know how those persons are calculating the units/cartridges of Afrezza that they need when they eat. Also, while I’m doing well overall with Afrezza, I’m struggling at times when food contents have high protein or fat. I find Afrezza covers carbs well (even though I’m counting the standard way) and limits any spikes…but my spikes come from the delayed reaction of the body to the protein and fat. Any thoughts from Afrezza users?

I wouldn’t take that idea literally. I think what the Twitter posters are really saying is that exact carb counting is not needed with Afrezza. I used Afrezza for mealtime insulin for a month but now only use it for corrections. Experienced users calibrate their Afrezza dosage with meals they eat through trial and error.

If you want to home in on good BG control with Afrezza, I would strongly encourage you to keep a daily log of food, Afrezza doses including timing, and post meal BGs. Writing it down is a big deal. It makes you more familiar with the data and it permits analysis and valid conclusions.

Winging it will not serve you well and it will take you a much longer time to get to where you want to go. There is no short-cut. In fact, keeping a written record is the short-cut!

I stopped carb counting for the most part with afrezza. I no longer saw any point to it. I limit most meals to about 40 carbs, and don’t try much harder than that. With a “standard” meal I’ll snort an 8u, with a low carb meal, say less than 15g I’ll use a 4. With a big pig out session I’ll take more. It’s not like you can just totally forget everything you know–you still need to be generally aware of what you’re eating, but I’d say real carb counting isn’t necessary for me. You’re exactly right though the delayed spikes can happen with high protein and fat. If I’m eating high fat / high protein I’ll add a unit of two of novolog for its longer duration… I find that the flexible dosing of the afrezza seems outweigh the rigidity of the novolog and I still stay pretty much perfectly flat with the tail end of the novolog covering the delayed spikes.

I took exhaustive notes on every meal I ate for the first month— like terry suggested— but then came to the conclusion that winging it actually works for me, quite well… quite liberating. The only thing I have to watch for is those delayed spikes, which are generally mild, maybe occasionally see 140ish sometimes. Those who know me here though know I’m not one who would settle for less than superb results… Which is not what I’m doing.

I suspect that month of notes might have helped with winging it! :wink:

For sure… You gotta learn the rules of the new game before you can just throw caution to the wind