Afrezza commercial

Previously there was a discussion on how Type 1 became known as Juvenile
Diabetes. Some what related to that is the latest or only Afrezza commercial on CNN. It states it is for use for people with adult diabetes. ??? Should not that be: for adults with diabetes? So the confusion continues I guess.

Afrezza isn’t approved for children yet so that’s why they are making that statement. The original commercial that’s longer does state for adults with diabetes but things get cut for time.

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Yes I understand afrezza is not approved for children.
Or is that people with juvenile diabetes,
The point.

Sorry facts are more important than time slot.
Actually the time between the two statements is the same. One is correct the other is not.

I could bet you that the person who cut that one word out had no idea what they were doing. I’m not saying it was okay to cut it like that just a silly marketing mistake.

Yes I am sure they had not idea what a few words mean.

As an aside my daughter is the Manager of the department which makes all those inserts with drugs that are approved by the FDA with all the instructions and side effects. Ok yes big pharma BOO! Anyway if they make the error as described above, all the packed pills would have to be recalled and new information inserted with each prescription. . Not sure who manages commercials.

No one with any qualifications. Most likely a underling editor.