After 22 years of being a type 1 diabetic I'm still complication free and I've only gone to the Endo when I feel like it because they treat me the way a dr treats someone who is eventually gonna die f

A day in the life of me … While being diabetic … I have never made this diabetes a big deal because there are so many other things that make me happy so I have always chose to just focus on those things … Basically what I’m saying is this I have basically always put my diabetes on the back burner because to be honest I do not see anything good about it … But here’s the catch I control and take care of it the way I am supposed to because I want to be able to put it on the back burner … I have always noticed that when my bl are in control due to the fact that I take the correct bolous and watch every single thing that goes int mouth well then a little miracle happens I don’t feel like there is anything wrong with me because I feel like everyone else does who is not a diabetic … But that is until I have to see the Endo …and know matter how positive I feel when I walk in that door I always leave feeling like there is no life left inside of me and this is why … I probabley don’t let myself see the real reality which is that If I do make it to old age I will not be one of those peaceful old ladies who may look old but still feel good inside because that still have there health … I see myself as sick and scared and helpless … But if this really is my reality I choose to not face it and look the other way because I don’t want to let tomorrow ruin how good I feel today … And this is why I Hate Endo because everyone I have ever met has always liked to say mean facts toe ( kidney failure , nerve damage , heart disease and etc ) and even when I told one of them that I think that I’m doing something right if after all these 22 years of being a type one I am still complication free , he looked at me with such pity as if to say not for long !

That sucks of your doctor. I have been rockin’ it lately but a lot of it is because I am sort of addicted to exercising and all of that stuff. I used to think I’d never make it until 40 but now I’m 43 and have changed my perspective a bit. My main concern now is that I’ll hit a curb or pothole and break an ankle and have some kind of horrible orthopedic injury. The other stuff is all ok and, in many ways, better than a lot of my peers. I also pick the doctors who are the most foreign who have happened to be females and they’ve been extremely supportive of my bestial demands for large Rx’s and in my experience, have been easier to get in to see when I call and say “I need to see you”. The feeling better from smoother control has been really good for me.

Every now and then I run off the rails and spend a night staring at the xmas lights in the sunroom, floating around 40 or 50 and MrsAcidRock is like “you need to go to the doctor” or “you shouldn’t run the marathon, you are a zombie after 1/2” but I’m sort of thinking “no, I know there’s 5500 grams of carbs (at least…) in our fridge so I’m ok…”

I love to exercise also , like right after a meal that way I can get away with takeing little insulin for that meal but I cannot do carb loading cause if I do my sugar goes to high at the moment at that makes me feel to tired to exercise ( even if I load up on those slow acting carbs)and about the drs I just think that they have all scene the worst case scenario so when they meet me they just think that I’m no exception because I have the same disease that cause one of their patients to get everything that’s written in the book ( the complicated stuff)


Q – How do you know if a diabetic is a marathoner?

A - He knows how many total carbs are in his fridge…come to think of it, when he looks at you he might be calculating how many carbs are in YOU.

Oh, the joy of eating whatever you want after a HUGE workout with no guilt or shame.

It is possible to go to the doc or a specialist and come out feeling, if not exactly like I’m problem free, at least I’m coping pretty well. It’s also possible to come out the other way like you are.

The standards for bg control have gotten so much tighter over the past 30 years. When I was diagnosed 30 years ago almost nobody was doing home bg testing, and it wasn’t until the 90’s that the DCCT early results came out showing there was any benefit to tight control. And as the standards have gotten tighter it does sometimes feel like they keep raising the bar on me.

Your endo/eye doc/etc really is doing his/her job by checking for complications incessantly. Many of them if caught early on can be treated with excellent results (e.g. retinopathy).

I think it is unrealistic to feel that “I’ve gone 30 years with no problems and can go another 30 with no problem”. I’m pretty sure that the cumulative damages are still rising even though they might not be detectable by the docs yet.

Some here talk about complications as if they’re an on/off switch (i.e. “I don’t have any complications and it must be my genes”) but I’m quite certain that at the micro-microvascular level that there can be damage without it being externally detectable.

I’ve worked with folks who have all types of diabetes for almost 20 years, and those who take care of themselves - they’re in their 60s now are living life to its fullest, traveling, enjoying their grand kids and are involved with their hobbies! And they’re enjoying their lives probably better than many their age do not have diabetes because they take care of themselves. So keep doing what you’re doing- you’re on the right track!

If you are taking the correct bolus and watch everything you put in your mouth for 22 years then you are doing o.k. in my book.

Perhaps the doc is a Munchausener?

Hello Marie:

Of what are you scared?

Against what are you helpless?

Not focusing on the worst case garbage that might never happen, does NOT mean you are nor facing it. You are doing your best, and the diabetes boogey-man has no power over you. Countinue on your path… you have a damn good map there!!!

I do not buy you are nor facing these remote possibilities. I believe you are focusing on doing well. They are very very different creatures…

Btw when exactly is OLD age exactly -pretending annoyance-??? You will make it… the question becomes in what way that occur? Two people with the same condition(s) can have radically different outlooks, one living life the other dying. Which will you be ?


Sorry your endo makes you feel that way. I guess you have to kind of ask yourself if your A1C justifies them warning you about complications at every visit. Your idea of control may be different than your doctor’s idea of control. I’m the first to agree that this disease is incredibly high maintenance, and I would love to be able to forget about it, but I really can’t. Maybe they are trying to give you a wake up call before it’s too late…

On the other hand if you are below 7 and they are always telling you about complications then I’d find a new doc :slight_smile:

I think though that the doctor needs to have a solution besides just being a creep and saying “suck it up”? It’s their freaking job to tell you what to do, not just ‘follow the plan’ but precise and helpful tactical suggestions that will help you meet your strategic goals. If they don’t do that, they should have gone into radiology.

Aw, Marie. Don’t let the a__holes of the world get you down. I would say that you have a very positive attitude. You accept the fact that you have T1D but don’t accept the complications. So, when you go to his office, just smile sweetly and think that maybe (just maybe), he’s jealous of your success in NOT being sick!

GO GIRL~!~!~