After the Pat Down, Not Even a Text Message

Last week I wrote about my adventures on a horrendous diabetes day from hell. One of the comments, well actually two, the TSA agent who frisked me got under my skin and I felt the need to expand on them.

The first comment I’ll expand on was actually his last comment to me. He said “If we had been doing this last year, the underwear bomber would never have gotten on the plane.” Now that flight originated in Amsterdam, and while I know there are TSA agents in Vancouver, I really have no idea if there are some stationed in Amsterdam and there may be. I didn’t point this out or ask him if there were and really just wanted to get going, but the manner in which he said it annoyed the holy beejeebus out of me.

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Extremely annoying!

Next will be cavity searches when a bomber sticks something up his rear.

TSA seems to be getting flack over the pat downs, which is good. What’s not good is that this may lead to more people being forced to be X-rayed. Which is worse radiation or physical humiliation? Infuriating that these are the choices we have when there are alternatives.

And we’re not supposed to run our pumps thru either the standard baggage xray or the new full body scanners

I am flying out in about a month to go home for 'Christmas to see my family. I anticipate the "full pat down ".as I do not want to disconnect from either my pump nor my CGM; I will not take a chance and run them through the full body scanner. I have worn the CGM and the pump through the standard “:doorway” metal scanner, and experienced no ill effects at all on the mechanics of either of my devices.
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That comment from the TSA agent is BS.

  1. The guy got through security in the Schipol airport. Security there starts with a brief interview - why are you going to your destination, what were you doing here, who are you traveling with, etc. Then they send you through detectors at your gate, and I thought that AMS had the full scanner machines when this guy got through.
  2. The only way they could have found this guy’s pathetic attempt at a bomb was by doing a strip search. Period.

Point being, this particular TSA agent is a moron. And the new policies suck.