Agh! stress and sickness!

I am sick… just a cold, I know. But, it’s still no fun. My blood sugar is high, I am cranky and the kids and husband are making me crazy! They are so MESSY! I hate messes… so even though I am sick, tired and cranky, I cannot leave the messes the way they are. I have run the dishwasher (twice) and sanitized the kitchen (three times!— how… if they eat out for lunch, does the kitchen get dirty three times???), vacuumed and done two loads of laundry. And yet… as I sit in the living room with the kids fast asleep and my husband busy chatting away on the VR, there are books scattered across the coffee table, the play station has been left out and an empty laundry basket remains unattended on the floor.

To top it all off, I have to work tomorrow, my car needs to go in and I just want to finish reading my book! =0/ grrr!

Stacie- Mother’s don’t get a break when they are sick, tired and tired of being sick!!! LOL, I was sick 1 day last week and I took my daughter to daycare and drove 20 miles back home w/ gas being 4.50 a gallon all because I wanted to be sick and no worry about my daughter…lol I needed a BREAK…hahahaha
hope you feel better

Stacie…we may need to chat about husband training…or just spousal consideration.