Ah, the joys!

I promise, it IS fun to poke yourself with a 1 inch long 23G needle LOL I’ve just taken my now monthly B12 shot. Only took about 1 minute or so. Doesn’t hurt at all unless hitting a bad spot or injecting that 1ml of Behepan too fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Went to work for a while today to hand in another document from my GP and just socialize some with my workmates who are also good friends of mine. It was so nice to just be away from home for a while and meet friends. On my way home I stopped by in a big shopping mall just to look around for a while, and to buy a wireless mouse for my laptop and the new Stuff package for The Sims 3. Now I’m enjoying the freedom of cordless mouse and have been taken a look at the items included in The Sims 3 High end loft stuff which looks pretty nice. I’m just not in the mood to play Sims right now. Too late to start playing too now as it is midnight here in Sweden.

While at work today I for some reason hit 3.9 (70) for a while. I caught it before really feeling it though so just enjoyed a KitKat chocolate to avoid feeling crap later. It was just before I was going to go out to the bus stop so I figured it was best to eat something to not risk going lower while walking or sitting on the bus. I can feel motion sick enough while going by bus, without having a low blood sugar… I have a tendency to feel nauseated more easily if I’m below 4.0 (72). Luckily the KitKat did it’s job and I didn’t get motion sick on the bus, nor spaghetti legged while walking.

And I have noticed some thing when it comes to all these finger pokers… Some of them hurts like hell, and other I can use and start wondering if I really poked my finger. Since I work with it, I have the opportunity to easily try different brands and models of meters and pokers. Right now I’m using the new Aviva Nano which I find great! But my preferred poker isn’t the Multiclix which was included, but a Softclix I’ve bought separately. I do however tend to use the Multiclix anyways for the convenience of just having to twist the top to change lancet and because it has just the right size to sit in the poker holder of the meter bag. But the Multiclix really has its own mind. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt at all, and other times it feels nearly as bad as those hideous monsters used in hospitals!

Just tried putting the Softclix in the Nano bag and it works, but the little metal clip on it could potentially be in the way when taking it out of the bag, along with having to carry an extra lancet or 2 in case something happens, instead of just being able to twist and prick. I also somewhat feel the Multiclix sounds loud enough to wake up half a town, while the Softclix sounds very much like a regular ballpoint pen. So I’m a bit torn which one of them I should carry with me. I have decided now that I’d better carry my kit with me when going out, in case I start feeling low again when out and about! It’s happened enough times now so I prefer to be on the safe side.

Nuff ramblings. Now I’m going to check Facebook for a while longer before sleep. And Facebook is btw driving me bonkers the last few days with its horrible new layout and lousy news feed which is about as up to date as doctors believing Mix insulin is fit for treating type 1 diabetes (long story which will be saved for another day…)

Anyways, guess you know what I’m talking about if you’re Facebookers too. And if you are, feel free to add me, my link is on my profile :slight_smile:

Hey! I know what you mean about finding the right lancet device! Right now, I am using the one that came w/ my onetouch mini. It’s small and less painful than some I have had…Facebook is driving a lot of people crazy with the new layout =P I wish it would just stay put!

I’m one of them unlucky who got the new layout already last week. Thursday I think. I’ve hated it since the first second and even sent feedback to the developers to not make changes while drunk LOL

I’ve tried a couple of OneTouch pokers too, but they’re… MONSTERS :open_mouth: LOL