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OK–I’m good to go–sort of. I have known I had diabetes for at least ten years. I had gestational diabetes back in the middle ages when urine tests were all that were done. Son weighed in at ten pounds. Really don’t remember how I knew this–I think I may have bought a meter on my own, but decided to do something–puttered around with some herbs for a while, then read Bernstein book and went the low carb route. Fast forward-had an eye event–central vein occlusion and tx three years at opthomologist. Last follow up–cataracts. Need surgery–umm then need doctor,(why I did not have one is another story for another day) got one, 1st visit after labs–ummm BP 200/80something. Cholesterol off the page-Vit D–in the cellar-LDL-pitiful-and–ta da–Aic 6.4 134 fasting. No obvious complications from diabetes except for some intermittant numbness in my feet and walked 2 miles per day when weather permitted. Hmm–somehow I tried adding some different foods to my diet and don’t remember whether or not I saw the DE before the met or not–I think I did as my Aic crept up–first to 7.2, (enter Metformin here) then 7.7, last visit 7.5. So I am a walking pharmacy, between BP pills (2), statin, eye drops, Babe aspirin, Vit.D, colace for problem that developed, and low dose diuretic. So, I thought, OK try the ADA diet thingy that it seems the MD, DE and dietician all prefer to follow. Have to test and am insane using their guideline of twice a day–but it’s all the strips I can get–and no money to buy any extra-- Whew–I’m weary already.

Hi Maire! Welcome to the TuD family. You’ve had quite a journey, thanks for sharing it. You might want to browse this site and explore alternate ways of eating. I’ve personally found that eating low carb suits me MUCH better than the ADA guidelines. I feel better, have lost weight, and best of all my D is under pretty tight control.

There is a tab at the top of the page called Resources. Some peoople have had successs contacting the meter companies and enrolliing in an assistance program for strips. Sorry I can’t give you better info, but I’m sure someone will!

thanks jrt

I am glad you are satisfied with your program–you have done well. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks, at that time I will see what the numbers have been. As you have read, I did low carb for some years. Apparently, perhaps because of age, I have acquired other annoyances, such as unacceptable BP and cholesterol. That adds low salt to my diet also. I admit that I scoff at the low fat. The supermarket aisles truly do annoy me, with everything and everybody and every food supplier hastily jumping on the low fat bandwagon with very clever marketing techniques–no longer do I see real yogurt, milk and cheese, but imitations of those, what I call, real food–I refuse to spend a penny on a piece of rubber masquerading as “cheese”. My thought was to give the new diet a chance in view of the medical situation. I have to admit that I really do enjoy a piece of bread, although I buy the carb smart thing by Pepperidge farm, and every piece of fruit tastes really sweet and lovely to me–apples, pears, apricots, half banana, grapes etc. but I also sorry to have to admit that I am totally frustrated by the 400 or more boxes of cereal in that aisle that are just full of sugar (I can taste it right away, as I also have honed my salt meter)and mostly all have added vitamins to their so called “healthy” or “smart” product. I have found that I can tolerate(as far as I can gather) half a potato, and that tastes really yummy to me. I have always eaten many vegetables, as we have a large garden and grow our own veggies as well as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. This year I planted some red potatoes and they are so far looking good and healthy. So, this is the path I am on and just have to wait until those numbers come in. It’s not written in sand, as are many situations in life, a least mine, so far. I read labels and try. Thanks for tip about the resources. I appreciate the thoughtfulness.