AIP Diet

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted...had a wacky few months! I finally have the time to sit down and chat.

I have been reading about the AIP Diet (Autoimmune Protocol). It is a form of the paleo diet that eliminates the following:

-Artificial Sugar

As a low carber, I know that a lot of my meals include eggs and cheese and definitely nuts. After reading some truly inspiring success stories, I find myself wanting to embark on this journey for a month! Does anyone have any experience with this diet? If so, I would love to learn some more!

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This diet wouldn't work for me. Maybe it would help if you shared what you want this diet to do for you? Is it weight loss? Better BG control?


Very boring diet...if you really go paleo...then you must give up salt, coffee, and no alcohol. My daughter has lived many years on a paleo diet but most of the food, especially the vegetables she eats did not exist during the the Paleolithic period. She sometimes gives in and eats cheese, drinks coffee, and binges on bread and baked's a really hard diet to stick with unless you live in a cave or Alaska.

If you want to control your weight and BG just cut your still boils down to calories no mater what you eat.

I agree with John but feel low carb is the way to go for both weight and BG control. Imho fad or extreme diets don't work, largely because, as John says we can't stay with them.

I'm on a diet very similar to this due to food allergies and eosinophilic esophagitis.

It is a VERY restrictive diet. It makes eating at restaurants, friend's homes, or potlucks very difficult. Often there is one item on a menu that I can eat (usually a modified salad with oil and vinegar dressing), and at potlucks or other events I bring my own food. Be prepared to give up virtually all pre-packaged foods, because almost everything contains either wheat (even worse if you are avoiding all grains), milk, or eggs in the ingredients even if it's not obvious by looking at the product. Bring what you need to eat with you when you leave the house, because there'll be no guarantee you'll be able to find anything at a cafe, cafeteria, or corner store that you can eat. If you travel, you'll also have to be prepared to pack some of your food.

I haven't noticed any positive impact on my weight or my diabetes. In fact, my diabetes control has deteriorated since I changed my diet.

I've been able to stick to this diet because I have a medical diagnosis and doctors have told me to, and because of the fear of my throat swelling shut if I don't.

Eliminate foods one at a time so you can tell what the problem is. Ex: Why eliminate eggs if they are just fine for you? I support the idea of eliminating processed crap and eating things as straight from the source as possible. These extreme diets are usually very excessive for most people. And eliminating those foods will probably not affect your Diabetes.

Over time I've increasingly come to believe that diabetes (both T1 and T2) are basically due to evolutionary mismatch. And that mismatch comes from several things environment, stress, activity levels as well as nutrition. And of all the factors, nutrition probably plays the biggest role. And while I do think that reverting to a diet that is less of a mismatch with what our bodies are designed to handle I don't think the consequences can really be reversed.

I looked at this diet. I consider this diet to be a spin off from the "Wahls Protocol." Like a paleo or low carb diet I would believe it would this would be much better than a standard high carb diet for someone with diabetes. But I don't think there is a scientific foundation to say how it works and whether it actually works. There are some scientific studies being done based on the Wahls protocol now but the results are not in. And I'm not clear it would be any different than a paleo or low carb diet. I think if you want to try it isn't bad for you it is just hard. But if you have success it would be more likely due to your finding one class of foods for which you are intolerant (such as dairy) than to "fixing" an autoimmune problem.

I am LADA and woke up this am in so much pain that the AIP diet caught my eye. When I read what I would have to eliminate, I eliminated it. I have been doing Bernstein's diet protocol for over five years with great results, but I do exceed the daily carb count by larger salads or more nuts over the course of the day depending on how hard I have been exercising.
I have given up grains, entirely. My dd, who is not diabetic, was having seizures and migraines which went away when she went gf. Both of us carry a celiac gene, but I just got scoped and though it looked like it may be celiac, no celiac on biopsy.
I live on nuts and seeds and eat eggs. I also drink kefir and eat Plain FAGE yogurt, butI use artificial sweeteners in moderation. I like Truvia, the best, but I swell up so I mostly use liquid Organic Stevia from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.
I cook all my food. I wasn't able to eat out before the diabetes because I am allergic to corn and all the derivatives.
All I can say is that this works for me. My A1c has fluctuated between 4.9 and 5.4 through bad stress, including a melanoma and was still 5.2.
I work out at a gym with a Cross Fit gym inside of it and was going to look more into Paleo, but I don't eat fruit and can't give up coffee because I am tired. My iron is low because my gut is bleeding, and we don't know why (not cancer).
The thing is that I know I have Autoimmune stamped on my forehead. Knowing that is why I told the Endo I was LADA. (I am.) I am interested in your success. I don't have RA, but my pain is high. They are running out of causes for my gut. I bet it is autoimmune.
BTW, I am still losing pancreatic function, but the low carb diet does seem to have slowed the pace. The Endo expected me to crash in months, but it has been over five years and I am still managing without insulin. Remember, this is exercise (a lot) plus diet, not diet, alone.

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