Air Travel and Pumping Insulin

Just read this facinating article and wanted to share it. I ALWAYS go low after getting off a plane trip and now I know why!

The Medtronic pump has a paper filter on each reservoir connector (end of tubing) so the pressure inside the pump is always the same as the air pressure being exerted on your body.

I do have low BG after flights but it is usually the long walk to the baggage area and the car retail pick up that get me.

Ditto what Sugar Bertie and JohnG said. But I'm also on a Medtronic pump. Maybe it's a problem for other pumps?


Fascinating article. I use the Omnipod and have not experienced this, fortunately. I travel almost every week. Maybe because there is no tubing and just a short cannula?

I'm also on a medtronic pump. Usually I'm high after a flight due to random snacking and sitting for so long, including long trips 7+ hour flights.