Air Travel with Insulin and a Pump

OK, so we are going to fly for the first time since my daughter was diagnosed. I have a letter from her endo. Does anyone have any other suggestions, advice from experience that might help once we get to the airport. I would hate for her to feel over scrutinzed or embarrassed at the airport. Thank you. TSA site. I worked for a major airline for 12 years and can say the biggest thing is stay calm. You may want to get your daughters endo to say she needs a juice box to treat hypos. Carry all your supplies in carry on, bags do get lost. With a pump on you will be patted down. Do not send the pump through the xray machine ask for it to be swabbed down if needed. If you have an issue ask to speak to the TSA supervisor and the airline you are traveling on’s CRO(complaint resolution officer). All airlines are required to have a CRO on duty and they handle disability issues with passengers.

TSA is a hassle and a joke but they are doing their job, for the most part. Answer questions and get there early, early means less chance of bag missing and quick run through security if they do go nutty.

oh and bring a print out of the TSA rules for disabilities with you

If you put the pump in the small of your back it won’t set off metal detectors. I have done this everytime I have flown and it has never set it off. Keep something for lows in the seat back pocket. I have had a tendency to go low during take off and landings for some reason. Don’t hestitate to tell the flight attendant you need juice immediately if necessary. I have never had a problem with them helping out. In fact one time they also brought me a granola bar with the juice without me asking.

Thank you both. I appreciate it.