Airplane question

Am flying for the first time since using opod. Is there anything I need to be aware of? Will the pod set off the alarm? Thanks for any help.

I have flown several times with it. I forgot to remove my belt on one occasion and I set off the metal detector. (The pod itself does not set off the metal detector). I had to go through a secondary inspection and they used a swab on the side of my pod (it was on my arm) and ran it through their ‘sniffer’ machine to see if it was explosive or something…Of course, it was not, so they let me pass without any hassles.
Every other time I have had no problems regarding the pod and/or PDM.
I had a cool pack once (carrying my insulin in my carry-on) that they made me get out to show them because the x-ray machine could not see through it well enough. Once I told them what it was and that it had insulin it, it was no big deal to them.
I think you’ll be fine, especially just explaining what it is if you get anyone who questions it.

Hey Paula…isn’t that a song…?? Ok, well, the first thing that you should obtain is a letter from you doctor stating that you are an insulin dependent diabetic and that you require all of the associated medications and supplies. He/she probably already has a form letter that they can give you. Make sure that you also have a list of your prescriptions with your name on them…I cut and pasted the little “labels” that come with your prescription directions onto a sheet of typing paper. I don’t know whether you’re changing time zones…in any case check your BG levels more often than usual.

I use mine to get advanced seating. I tell the gate keeper about it and that I need to let the flight crew know about it so they usually let me go with business / 1st class people. Most pilots think it is cool and want to know more about it. I have had a occlusion on a flight and a woman two rows up told on me to a flight attendant. She told her that they were aware of it and winked at me. Get a letter from your doc and have all your meds and extras in one carry on. Tell them it is medicine and ask that it be hand searched. Doing this I have never had a problem in 20+ flights.


I also am getting ready for my first flight and was wondering about what to do with the PDM. Can it get scanned with the rest of my carry on luggage in the machine or do I have to ask them to inspect it separately? If it’s on my body will it set off the x-ray machine I walk through? Just trying to make things as simple as possible. Thanks for starting this thread Paula.

I plan to carry it in my purse as well as my Navigator receiver. Hopfully they won’t think anything of either. We’ll see…

Did you tell them about it just to get advanced seating? I have never told anyone a thing. I keep all my supplies in a makeup type bag and put it through security along with my Ziplock bag of 3 oz liquids. No one has ever said a thing.

I carry the PDM and my Navigator receiver and ask them for a visual inspection so they don’t have to go through the conveyor. Have had no problems with wearing pod or sensor, but inspection of the handheld devices alarms the TSA agents every time. They fight with me about putting the devices on the conveyor. I carry copies of the pages from my user guides that state they should not be exposed to x-ray, as well as a letter from my endo listing all my supplies.

Wow…wow!!! How horrible…did you have a letter from your doctor with you??? They seriously should be made aware of what various insulin pumps look like. I realize that those that mean us all harm can improvise in ways that most of us cannot imagine; but, with a note from your doctor and proper identification you should be treated professionally as they carry out their duty to provide us with safe travel

Nice to hear from you…was going to send off a note to check on you.

Just reporting that I flew yesterday and because of good preparation :slight_smile: everything went without a hitch. I asked for a hand inspection and got through security faster than I ever had. My suitcase full of pods and sensors went thru xray machine and no questions. Hope it goes as well on the way home. Thanks to everyone for sharing, it was very helpful.

i’ve been on the pod for over a year and have had no issues with it at the airport (unless someone asks what it is, but it’s usually not a tsa person). the pdm and extra pods are fine going through airport xray…the manual says “OmniPods and PDMs can safely pass through airport X-ray machines.”

i really should get a letter from my doc though…i usually just carry insulin with my prescription label on it!