Airport suggestions

iknow there have been discussions regarding security , but what do most do at the airport check in? Can dex be ON when flying ?

Thinking of sending it through wiht luggage on board.

thanks for help friends!

I leave it on when flying, and I fly about 50 flights/year - never any problems with the Dexcom.

Leave everything in place as you would to go shopping. Tell the TSA officer you wear medical electronics. Allow 10-15 extra minutes. If you pump also, have your emergency kit in your carry-on. Most airlines do not count your medical bag as a carry-on.

What I have done to me is the “chat-down”, the wand, show and tell my pump and Dexcom, then a hand swab for explosives.

You us the Dex as a tool to manage your ‘sweetness’ and TSA knows they exist in greater percentages of the traveling public.

Bottom Line: I agree with IMVic.

TSA has been much more interested in my pump than the cgm. The dexcom never sets off any alarms or show up. I put the receiver on vibrate and don’t shut it off when flying. No issues.

thanks! Can dex be on for flight?

thanks for wisdom!

Search discussion here by typing TSA or related words. There are dozens of suggestions on the airport palavar

Dexcom actually sent me a letter to show to TSA which states that it is safe for flights.

But never had to use it.

I just put my receiver and my cell phone in the carry on while at security, and as soon as I pass security, I take them out and put them on my belt.

Never shut it off during the flight. I have taken it out to look at my BG in front of flight attendants, and have never been questioned.

I fly at least 20 round trips a year.


thanks TuD friends. You are the best!!

off to Montana!

I always carry a letter from my doctor stating I’m diabetic and that I’m wearing an insulin pump and CGM. Also that I’m carrying supplies, syringes, insulin, etc. I pack the supplies separately in a carry-on. I present the letter and the supplies as soon as I get to security. I’ve never had a problem getting through either in the US or overseas.

To be clear, I think the OP was not interested in security issues as much as during flight.

I wear mine during the flight and do not turn it off. I asked a flight attentdant once if i should turn it off when they said “all electronics off”, and she said “No, that’s fine.” Since I got the answer I wanted, I have not asked again :). It has a very limited RF radius, so I’m not concerned about it - and certainly they don’t ask you to turn off your pump, even though it is an electronic device.

There are many other posts on this site of people asking attendants/pilots and getting the ok.

So, dexcom ON! And airline meals are relatively quite easy to carb count!

I am taking all my own food. that may be issue more than the dex ti seems

This posting is correct.

I also flew to seattle from Burbank and return and I showed my Dexcom sensor on arm and put receiver thru xray.

My sensor never set off the standard walk thru at each end and remained quiet. Security people did ask me about the dexcom receiver unit and I explained it and I passed.

Since the unit is only 5 foot short distance RF and is medical device, I left mine turned on - on the airplane without incident and did not bother to ask. Since the device and system is rare, asking folks who do not have clue or understand are faced with telling one to shut off even if that is in reality not correct answer.

Cell phones, video games all have high performance electronics with matching leakage profiles and need to be off.

So it CAN be x-rayed? I know my pump is not supposed to be x-rayed. Good to know before my thanksgiving flight.

Excellent question.

As I am ole electronics engineer; answer in depth is more complex:

a) current low energy xray amchines that do not disturb usual tourist class film generally not bothering receiver.
I had my receiver xrayed at Burbank/Seattle without incident.

That said, higher energy old style xray machines were notorius for causing partial or whole eraseure of the eprom memory technology used inside these micro-processor systems. If in doubt, carry letter as backup and ask for hand inspection.

The probe on arm was not xrayed but scanned by the metals sensor one walks thru as your personnal items are xrayed
and did not even cause a beep on that in seattle and burbank. I showed it to them - BFD. keep walking.