Airsoft for Diabetics

Here’s the deal with airsoft. When you were a kid you would go outside and play war with your friends and you loved it. Then you got older and other things started taking priority; i.e. girls. If you were anything like me, you loved to be active. I was a skater kid that was pretty good and well known in my community for being good at skating. I just loved doing extreme sports. I was never really into school sports like football although I would play with the neighborhood kids. I was in a sense I was “too cool for school”. With that being said and as time rolled on, I grew up and started going to parties and would be in line to do all of the high school partying just like the rest of em’. Eventually my routine of being active just diminished into moving around on my couch and through my apartment waiting for something to go on in the city. Let’s fast forward say about 10 years…
I came to the realization that I needed to get some exercise. I’ve smoked enough cigarettes to kill a few horses and I’ve partied enough for Linsay and Mick. I was in need of some terrible renovation. Some of you out there may think that what I’m getting ready to say is the epitome of dorkiness and immaturity which in some cases, I’m right there with you, but for the few it’s a helluva good time. Airsoft. You basically dress up as military, you have 1:1 ratio of actual military firearms that are actually bb guns, and you go around shooting each other. Don’t get this confused with paintball because although they may seem like the same thing they’re really different. Airsoft has a realism to it and it’s objective based. In paintball it’s just eliminate the other side. What I mean by objective based it that there will be something to complete like rescuing an hostage, or disarming a fake bomb. It’s not just shooting and eliminating. Its team work like you’ve never known. These scenarios can take place on 150 acre’s of land and can last for 2 days. It’s a hard workout. It gives you a good perspective on what soldiering is really like. It also makes you appreciate the work put in by our military forces.
So with that being said, if there are other diabetics out here that play airsoft, let me know how you monitor you’re blood sugar and how you take care of your supplies. I always bring an energy bar and carry other things just in case I get really low out in the field. I’m just looking for some tips and how to keep your insulin straight when you’re involved in psuedo warfare.
Please don’t let me know how big of a dork I am. I already know. Thanks.