Alcohol, and a personal experiment

OK, so I read on a few different websites about folks having a bit of the juice before going to bed and not having an adverse reaction.

So I decided to try an experiment.

First I waiting for a week that was trending well, below 120 avg.

And I invited a friend over who's not diabetic who was also willing to let me test her through out the evening.

The juice of choice for both of us was Seagrams Seven mixed with diet SevenUp or 7&7's.

We did not want to use wine as that has a higher residual sugar, and beer is high in carbs.

Unfortunately we did not measure the amounts but kept them equal.

I started 2hrs after eating dinner with a starting BG of 97 hers was within 5 points of mine and oddly enough hers did not change more than 5 points all night.

Mine however went like this,

1st = 97

1hr later = 80

1hr later = 76 (ate some corn chips ~15)

1hr later = 82 (went to bed)

First thing in am it was my normal Dawn Phenomenon 114.

All day Sat tracked usually (114 morning - 130before lunch - 100 after dinner), however Sunday spiked unuasually high before lunch at 145.

This may have been attributable to heavy excercise Sat.

I have knoticed my BG tends to rebound the next day after very heavy excercise.

I do plane to redo this test again soon, but wondered if anyone else had this experience.

I am not on any meds, and use only diet and excercise to control my BG.

Current regime

Diet = Very low carbs three meals no snacks

excercise 6 days a week, Sun is day of rest. (trying to loose wieght I'm very FAT! 280lbs)

1/2hr stationary bike + 1/2 hr resistance (wieghts) in the am

2-3mile walk at lunch time quick pace.

1/2hr stationary bike + 1/2hr resistance (wieghts) in the PM

The typical reaction to poison. 40% alcohol is nothing else than that: the liver is normally pumping glucose into your body because it is the energy deposit for your body. Now the poison is flooding your system and the liver will reschedule its priorities. To filter the poison the liver will shutdown the glucose pumping. Furthermore it will invest itself into the filtering process which will consume energy. This all in combination is responsible for the lower BG numbers you have experienced. Other poison works comparably good :wink: On this voodoo some of the diabetic quackery products are based. This is why I can drink sweet white wine - I just need the carbs to compensate the liver reaction.

Maybe good results for you there I am not a drinker but I like a Jack or a Crown and coke when I eat seafood I like to have beer as well. I have noticed that beer does not affect me at all but the liquor does a number on my numbers.