Alcohol. Beer that is

I think I am going to have to give up beer and I'm having a hard time coming to terms with it. It's not as if I drink it everyday or even every other day, it's occasionally, usually while socializing and always in the summer. It's one of those nice pairs that you only get in certain seasons living in the midwest. Late september & apple picking. Early June & camping. Sweet corn & watermelon. Grilling out & cold beer. I like to drink wine in the winter while curled up inside under a blanket reading a book and beer in the summer while grilling out and playing beach volleyball. So this is why I'm having a hard time realizing that I might not be able to drink beer this summer, I associate with so many fun, social events.

Since having the cgms, I have noticed that beer (even one) spikes my blood sugar instantly. If I even look at a bottle of ice cold beer, the little arrows on my pump start pointing up. After it has shot up to 250, then I come crashing down later into a full on low. I've tried various things, like drinking a beer with food, but it has the same effect. I've tried bolusing for the carbs in the beer and then eating a snack later to avoid the low, but I still end up low. It's what I call a double-low. I can't seem to find a solution for this rapid rise and then sudden free fall. Thus, the solution: no beer. I guess it's good prepatory work for being pregnant if nothing else.

I completely gave up beer when I was first diagnosed, but I was very unhappy, since, like you, it really seemed to impact socializing and social events. After several years of testing, there are a few beers that I can drink that don’t drive my BG wildly high and crash later. My favorite is Michelob Ultra Amber (the better tasting cousin of the watery Mic Ultra!) I usually only have 2-3 at the most at one sitting, and usually with a small amount of food, so I dont’ see a huge spike, and I don’t see a crash later. I have had some very bad experiences with other beers, and now know what I can handle, and how to do it without making my BG go wild. It might take a little experimenting on your part to find a beer that you are able to fit into your BG control, but it is do-able. Good Luck.

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Don’t know if you like it, but Guinness Draft doesn’t effect me compared to other beers. I love dark, rich beers. I’d rather have none than watered down lite beers:)

Interestingly, Guinness is lower carb than most (surprised me) & has less alcohol also. Guinness has a little less than 10 carbs per bottle. I’ve never had more than one at a time & only with food.

What kind of beer are you drinking? Maybe you can switch kinds and it will work for you. But I know people are picky about there beer. I am.

I love beer but only dark beer. The see-through stuff gives me a headache. I haven’t had any since I was diagnosed (3 months) but I am slowly eases back into have some of the stuff I am not sure about - Beer is gonna be one of them. The only bad part is I want a whole pint of it when I go out to a pub or whatever. Can I even get it in a half pint? I don’t know. I got lots of beer research to do here.

Thanks Gerri for the Guiness info - I love Guinness but don’t drink it because it isn’t veg (they need to change that) I will go for the Boddingtons as a sub. Maybe go for the cans or bottle which have the nutritional info on them to keep track of my carbs. Dark beers make me want some English style chips. grrr… All potatoe. And it is gonna be hard to only have one.

MarieB, didn’t know there was a Beer group on here! Cool, I join! :slight_smile:

Wow folks! Thanks for all of the advice. I love the diabetes and beer page, it’s so great!

I like to drink wheat beers. I don’t like ones on the darker side. I’ve tried the lighter beers and they seem to raise my blood sugar less, but still significantly. I am open to finding another drink, such as rum and diet coke or vodka tonic with club soda, so I may go that route.


What’s not vegan about Guinness? Interesting.

Guinness draft is like a coffee milkshake to me!

I’m with you on clear beer. I don’t like most micro-brews because they have a weird after taste.


Guinness uses Insinglass (fish) to produce their beer so not only is it not vegan but not even vegetarian. They say that no fish stuff ends up in the beer but if it used in the process so most veggies avoid it -mostly because it is a byproduct of the fishing industry.

I have tasted some pretty good heavy beer that taste like coffee - those are my favorite - usually limited edition small label beers. I love to go to places that have odd beers because they always have those limited dark brews. Love those coffee beers!

Microbrews OK but it depends on the type. I hate cheapie clear beer like Miller - it is all watered down. II want to taste my beer. My dark beer lover friend and I call Miller - ■■■■ beer. :slight_smile:

How interesting about fish in the processing. Learn something new here every day! Thanks for the info.

Grateful I wasn’t diabetic when in Ireland & England. Would have been torture passing on all their amazing beer.


I remember reading that maltose, the sugar in beer, was the fastest absorbed type. Don’t know how correct that is but if true, might help explain your experience with it.

I too prefer the taste of dark beer (also dark chocolate, dark coffee, dark everything) but because of the carbs, now drink only MGD 64 (2.4g carbs per bottle) or corona light or light beers with low carbs under 10g per bottle. Tastes pretty watery but it helps with the occasional cravings and feels good to be able to drink a whole bottle and not half a bottle like how I eat half a fruit a day.

Yup Tom, same for me. Just had a Honey Moon last night. BG went from 88 to 91 in 15 minutes, no food, no insulin.

I miss beer To !!!