i drank quite a lot tonight.
my bloodsugar is about 500.
this disturbs me because it doesn’t feel too weird, just normal, but with the drunk part integrated.
am i so assimilated to high bloodsugars that this should feel “ok” to me?
i have a friend whose bloodsugar was 270 and it sent her into near terror and she went to the ER for treatment.
what the hell is my problem? how can i be this out of control?

sometimes i want to give up… or perhaps i just want to stay in denial.

Hey no problem…you can beat this. I’m just getting out of over 15 years of denial myself. Sounds like your having a harsh time, but it can get better I swear.

It isn’t easy, and sometimes you just want to say ‘■■■■ it’ and sit and eat a whole cake, but you don’t.

I was walking around for about a month with blood sugars above 500 (based on symptoms) before I got diagnosed, and I didn’t feel ‘ill’. Different people can cope with different levels - I start to feel like I’m going into hypo when my glucose is at about 69, while I know others who get much lower than that before they start to feel unwell. Plus 270? I’m lucky if I don’t go over that after a meal!

It’s not an illness really, it’s about a lifestyle, but about trying to adopt that lifestyle without letting it define you.

Kris xx

Hi there, I’m glad to see you are working hard to get the BS under control. This particular area was my specialty in college. My friends used to say Mike drank for five years, the degree was some sort of weird side affect of college. lol Here is what I found works for me and is good to keep in mind:

-Light Beers: 5-6g of carbs for 12oz
-Regular Beers (ie Budweiser, MGD, etc.) 6-8g of carbs for 12oz
-Microbrews are always a wild card (here in Ohio they can be as high as 12% ABV) I usually give them about 8-10g of carbs for 12oz
-Wine, has tons of sugars but they are simple sugars that can be burned off quickly by shaking my ■■■ on the dance floor or taking too much insulin. I usually figured about 24-30g of carbs per glass. Again, if you are between two numbers for an injection go for less insulin.
-Liquor is a special circumstance. There is a small amount of carbs in the drink it self due to the gains required to make. However the mixers if what you have to watch out for. OJ, cranberry, and other juices add up quick. Sweet and Sour is incredibly high in sugars as well as other liquer mixers. I just try to be as aware as possible to what the mix is (I know it’s tough to after the first few) it also never hurts to ask the bar tender what’s in it, like you are curious, when really your trying to calculate for you next injection.

I probably more experience than anyone should in this area but it’s fun to rock out every now and then!

Take care and have a great weekend!

Most of the info on alcohol carbs is correct, especially about the drink mixers; however, the wine info is way off. The following links will give you some decent guides for alcohol and carbs:
Wine Lovers Page
Carb Counter
Wine Intro

Thanks for setting me straight Kristy! Now we know and like G.I. Joe used to say knowing is half the battle! Have a great holiday and thanks again for the wine info!

Hi. When I was diagnosed my bs was 500 and the night before all I had to eat was no bake cookies and Jack Daniels!!! Fun stuff right there. Any ways as I have cut down on my drinking 99% but for a while I gave a Sh%t less what I put into my body even all the almost pure sugar alcohol I would drink like a fish. Now if I do drink I stick to Diet Coke and Vodka or Diet Coke and Bacardi. I rarely check my bs when I am drinking…its my way of saying its ok…I have no proof that my bs is high so I must be alright…denial… ya me too.