Alive? N - WeLL

Ufda, Ufda!!! LOL My Norweigian side is shining through …

I SURELY have not been focusing on myself these days AND so need to :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is it, when stress creeps up in life, I help everyone else first instead of little 'ole me? Shake Of Head I suppose it is part of being a parent. We took in my husband’s adopted daughter. She’s 17 years old, but needs a lot of guidance. We are forunate her maturity level is low so we can help mold her into a stand up young lady. We see such a bright future a head of her IF she ONLY grabs a hold of the opportunities she has with us.

Small of Short - she’s had a difficult life & our household is a lot more family orientated. We help her with her school work, have gotten her into church youth groups, and are assisting her with obtaining her drivers license and hopefully getting a part time job for the first time in her life. Postive Influences.

So wrap up all those changes in our household - and Miss Kaci stays on top of her diabetic control but not to the extent she would really like to. Our fitness schedule has dimenished Ugh and our food choices are okay. The key is to keep moving forward & I will. This weekend is the American Diabetes Association Expo in Minneapolis. I am going. The hubby my join. Then again, I may leave him at home so I can also take in everything while I am there.

To a Brighter Tomorrow!

You put others first because of your sweet Norwegian side…