All drugs for Blood Sugar plus Victoza and still high counts

Please try to make me understand why, when I started Victoza the beginning of the month at 0.6mg bs kept going up we then went to 1.2 mg and that also kept it going up and know Dr. increase again to 1.8 mg and again climbing.
I am also on Glimepride 4 mg twice a day, Metformin 1000 mg twice a day and Onglyza 5 mg once a day. Can someone explain where to go and is there also a med that is fighting another? Want to stay on Victoza but!!

Your metformin & glimepride work with your own insulin; the onglyza & victoza work in other ways - you might not be producing enough of your insulin & therefore the meds are not working. Ask the doc to test your pancreas function - it’s a blood test called C-Peptide. You might need good old insulin! Don’t give up!! You could stay on all your meds except the glimepride with insulin - victoza has not been approved for use with insulin but it is currently in clinical trials & many docs are using the 2 together already with some nice results.

They did the C-Peptide test and claim it was normal but I never had over 200 and just under 300 bs before and surely want this to work. Thank you. Today I am trying to stay away Onglyza as it really never showed any change