All I want for my birthday is a Cure

It has not been that long since I was diagnosed with Diabetes. When I was given the news that day a lot of thoughts were rumbling around in my head. I remember thinking about my wife and kids then some of the things I wanted to do in life and if I could still get out there and do them. I remember one thing I kept thinking was how much I really hope Diabetics are allowed to drink Milk ( I LOVE MILK ) after speaking to the doctors and dietitian I was relieved to find out I can have MILK.... that was basically the end of the good news.

It took a few days to for this new situation to all settle in and get familiar with what I was now going to live with. I asked my new friend the Endocrinologist "what type am I??" Up to this point I only knew about Type1 and Type2 by name. I really had no idea what the difference was. In my ignorance I thought they were levels of how severe the disease was for each person. I was not aware of what the steps to take each day were. I know a few diabetics and they don't really seem to be any different from other people other than they have to watch the sugar they eat. So he then explained to me I was a LADA diabetic or basically a Type1 Diabetic but that is was an Adult onset of Type1. I remember thinking "huh Adult Type1??" Of course after reading a little over the next few weeks I understood why he called it "Adult Type1" because most people see Type1 as something that kids get and adults get type2. This of course is not truly the case but is what was believed to be for many years. So armed with this knowledge I headed out to find my way in this new life.

I was given a meter to test with and some insulin to help keep my Blood Glucose in check. I am so privileged to live in an era of information technology. So off I went to the internet. My biggest question at first is "how do I deal with this and how do I get back to my normal life??" then as I read books, listened to internet stories, watched YouTube Videos, and hung out on Blogs and diabetes web sites (Tudiabetes being a definite favorite) and read a bunch more books and then I changed my focus. I started to think about how I am actually very blessed to be in the situation I am in. And no I am not talking about being diagnosed with Diabetes. I am talking about being diagnosed with Diabetes and having the people in my life and the current place I live and my current job that pays the bills. I am truly blessed for these things have given me hope that I can be "MIKE" and so my focused is now on how I can give that to as many people that don't have it in any way that I can. I have considered starting education groups, volunteering at hospitals, working with those in need, and many other things that would help the general Diabetic community. Then it came to me.... I can be helpful for now by helping the established Diabetes foundations raise money for a cure, education, advocacy, and furthering technology to help people with Diabetes have a better day and a better quality of life.

So here I am. After asking the Tudiabetes staff if it would be OK to put this on a blog and then waiting until the DHF fundraiser was over so not to take away from their efforts I am here to ask for those of you that can spare a few dollars I would like to keep the fight going. In November 2012 there is a walk for Diabetes in Houston TX where I live. I have put my name down to go support them with this walk and I need to do everything in my power to make sure they have the funds they need to keep up the good work they have done so far. I had a birthday yesterday and I am now 38 years YOUNG. I plan on having many more and would one day love to tell my Grandkids how there USED to be a disease called Diabetes but with the love and support of the communities in the world we helped raise money and supported teams of people that found a cure.

So please if you have $5, $10, or more is always accepted go to my fundraising link below and support the American Diabetes Association by sponsoring my walk. Like the tittle for this blog says.... "All I want for my birthday is a Cure." Thank You to all of you that give and Thank You to all of the wonderful people I have meet here on this site so far. It is a wonderful world that we live in right now with technology giving us the ability to support and help each other without even knowing each other personally. I Especially Thank EVERYONE that helps keep Tudiabetes a reality for all of us to use. Keep up the good work.

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