All lows are not created equal

I am grateful that since I started using a pump a little over a year ago, I have much, much fewer lows. Sometimes I will go an entire week or two with no lows. And sometimes the lows are "easy" - I don't even have to stop what I am doing, I just pop some glucose and I'm good to go. Unfortunately, Saturday was not one of those days... read on for details below.

I think I'm a lot like you - I breeze through a lot of hypos without hardly thinking about it. And then very very rarely there's the real "doozie of a hypo" where I am off in hyperspace for an extended period rather than just just breezing through.

Your graph shows a doozie period of hyperspace pretty effectively :-). But... did the meter really read a bg of 5 at 3:53 PM? Or is that just an artifact of the graphing program and the way it connects the dots? I think I've seen numbers as low as the 20's on my meter.

Oops! No, it never went as low as "5," that is certainly an error. 41 was the lowest measured # that day. I'll try to fix it... thanks for noticing!