All the support

This site is such a great place and I am glad I found it and met everyone I have ! So an update, my bsl has been leveling out between 160 and 190 for over three weeks. It makes me hopeful this can be beat or at least maintained and not worry so. The part that really bugs me is the constant worry over becoming sick or having a cut or injury that I have to baby. The good part has been to force myself to take better care of myself, watch my diet and loosing weight.

Thank you all for the support and I hope I can give back just as much!

Namaste, Cathy

Getting a cut should not be a problem, unless you have a clotting problem. As long as you clean it, and then put a plaster on to the wound to prevent infection/cross contamination, you should be fine. Yes, it takes a little longer to heal, but no big deal really. Unless you have the cut on your feet. Then you need to take care as that can lead to other nasties.

Being ill is a bind, but if you test more frequently and know WHY your blood sugars are all over the place and increase the insulin, then that should not be too much of a problem either. We all get sick, diabetic or not!

It isn’t I was just saying that it seems I just had to change how well I took care of it, which is good anyway, on the whole I am not minding this too much. And yes we do get sick diabetic or not, however it was the flu that set off my pancreas, so I am more careful there too. Thanks for the thoughts back. This site is the best !

Namaste, Cathy