All the Welcomes!

Thank you for all the lovely welcome messages … I have been going through alot in my personal life so I just apologize for being so slow in responding. Originally, I came looking for help with a diabetic problem. I had never heard of a doc doing before and most of all what I could do asap. You see I had been to see the doc a few days previous to the problem I was having because of a sinus infection. I go pretty regularly anyways and they are always trying to give me tests in their lab. Which these things aren’t free so I refuse to have them more then every 6 months. Well when I went I thought my scripts were a;; up to date. Turns out they weren’t. My script for Lantis had run up, no problem right, just have the Pharmacy call and get it filled. Well after a few days I was completely out and called the Pharmacy asking what was taking so long. I was informed that the Doctor had denied it. “Denied my Lantis?!” What? Are you sure?! Yes the woman told me … they said you need to have blood work before they will fill it. I’m thinking to myself wow I was just there and they had just asked what scripts I was in need of, should have gotten them then. So I called the Doctors office and asked if they could please fill it. They said they would just as soon as I came in and had these tests done. Well while i was there a few days previous I got the papers to take to the lab (not theirs) to have them done and explained this to them. They told me to come in and they would do them and fill the script (mmhmmm). I explained that I would if they would treat it as a continuation of the visit I had just had days before where instead of giving me the papers to go get it done with other labs I needed for another doc. They stated it would be handled as a new visit. I told them then that I could not do that I live on a fixed income and have been seeing a lot of specialists trying to figure out all the things that are wring with me besides diabetes to I can come up with a plan of attack sorta speak so I can get well again. So then I requested that they give me 1 vial so I could get through till I could afford to come back again … I believe it was 2 weeks before I would have been able to. Again they said no … argh. I said does the Doctor realized that I have TYPE ! brittle diabetes and its not like its gonna go away and its not like I am asking for something I would survive without like cholesterol med. My body DOESN’T make insulin PERIOD (lol) … I was so mad! So while arguing with them on the phone for 2 days and feeling like crap I was looking for another way to help myself. Hence joining tudiabetes site. They did finally tell me to come in and get a sample to hold me over … and when I got home it was a pen. I just shook my head at the fact that the Doc wasn’t aware that I didn’t use a pen and would have had to call her back to get yet another prescription for the tips you need to use a pen! Finally I called one of the other doc’s I have been seeing for my neuropathy and explained the situation. He was a bit surprised that they did this and wrote me a 6 month script, which I am extremely grateful for,especially since my situation got even worse and I still not have been able to go get my blood-work done. I will be getting it done on Tuesday though, thank God. So again Thank you all and God bless and keep you well and happy.

Welcome to Tudiabetes Blooddrop. I hope you enjoy the site.

I can’t believe you had such a difficult experience! Good thing you have one doctor who believes in “Do no Harm”! I hope you can find an alternative to the difficult doctor.


Hi blooddrop. Your treatment was clearly unfair. If you have syringes, you can extract insulin from your pen with it the same way you use a vial, just be sure to prime your pen if you use a pen needle later. If you don’t have any syringes, I understand that they are available at Walmart relatively inexpensively; also, if you need 1/2 units, Walmart carries a 1/2 marking unit syringe. Hope that was of some help; at any rate, welcome to TuDiabetes! Keep blogging.

Oh honey. I do understand the trouble you went through. It kinda sounds like what I had going on this last month with the pump and some stupid insurance. Not to mention the dr who took a break when I need him the most. After 38 years of making NO INSULIN at all the insurance pulled a fast one on me and told me to get a c-pepcide test WHAT??? the one that tells you how much insulin production I have??? After 23 years of being on the pump??? Oh well it infuriated me.

You should of went to walmart and got some insulin from them …No perscription required for the kind i take…At first i was getting prescriptions for it…Then my brother(type1) told me about he doesn’t have prescription to get his insulin…then i try it…Yep i went to counter and told lady what i need …and she sold it to me…That was way last year…No questions asked…Long as my name was in their system…Walmart on 103rd St… I take Humulin N(long) and Humulin R(fast)…Maybe be you need to change insulin…And do buisiness with walmart…Plus insulin cost 24.88 for each one…Thats price without insurance…Not Bad…I’m sure lantis is expensive…How in the hell they denied you insulin…And you type 1…That is ■■■■■■■■…I’m buying more this wednesday14th from walmart pharmacy without no prescription…Lantis is not worth dying over…Cause you need insulin st survive