All these variables are a PITA

Yes, I'm still new to this whole big D regime thing. I decided it was time to start an exercise plan a few days ago; so I started doing zumba with the xbox kinect. Had minimal to no impact on BG's for a couple days. Suddenly, today? 103 before exercise, 73 after. Did a normal I:C ratio for dinner and was 73 before dinner, 85 two hours after (and I actually went back and made sure I counted right; and found that I even UNDERdosed myself somewhat; it was more of a 1:13 instead of a 1:12).

I have a ton of D books in my 'library' that I've already gotten to help me with this madness. I just need motivation to get after them.

I guess all I really wanted to say is that I can't wait to graduate and be done. I am dying for a normal schedule. Even before I was diagnosed with T1D, I yearned for a regular schedule. Even if it's 12 hours 6 days a week, please just let it be predictable!

But I guess being diagnosed with the big D should have taught me that nothing in life is predictable..