Allergies and Why I am Anti-Soy

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You can now add Shellfish to Squirt’s list of allergies. Just to reiterate our current list: dairy, gluten, cheese, tomatoes, soy, strawberries, eggs, shellfish

We’re going to start reintroducing some of these in the coming weeks. Hopefully we can get around the soy one. Soy is in bloody everything as an additive and binder because it’s been shown to be healthy and have protective effects when Eastern and Western diets are compared. However what the companies and public fail to understand is that the quantity of soy in the diet is extremely important. I do research with the soy phytoestrogen genistein and it’s some nasty stuff. It’s a…

SuFu, Ph.D.

I try to avoid soy. I’ll have some limited quantities of fermented soy. I believe it can harm your thyroid and give you moobs.

I also avoid soy. It’s hardly the wonder food it’s been marketed to be. A cheap & not healthy ingredient that’s become far too common in the food supply. Agree about the risks of phytoestrogens. Americans eat far more soy that Asians & not in its fermented form.

LOL @ moobs! I don’t do soy either.