Almost a year in but worried about complications

Hello I am Chris,
I was diagnosed as a T2D last year.

I started out weighing 296 pounds and I am now down to about 253 / 254 pounds

My A1C started out 7.8 and I am down to 5.5 now.

I started out on 2 metformin twice a day.
I now only take 1 500 mg Metformin a day.

How I did it: I walk about a 1.68 miles a day for 30 min.
I watch what I eat… If the can says you can only have 1/2 a cup of corn thats all I eat
If it says you can only have 4 oz of meat thats all I eat ( UNLESS the salt levels are low
because I watch my salt intake too for HBP.

What I mean is say a steak is only 60 mg in salt for 4 oz and the whole steak is 8 oz. I just add 60+60 and write that down in my book. Speaking of book, I have a note book ( its actually a diary but I use it to write down my salt intake) I write everything down in. I try to stay right at 2000 mg a day thats what my doctor told me to stay around.

I was told by my doctor that in June when I go back, I MIGHT get to get off my metformin and one of my BP meds ( prob the amlodipine ) if everything is good!

I still have my weeks where I JUST CRAVE SUGAR and CHOCOLATE and sometimes salty things. and I have to have something sweet everyday. IDK why this happens I have been abstaining from having ANYTHING sweet. But I give in and eat sweets. But I try to stay within the limit. If it says you can only have 2 pieces of chocolate thats all I eat. Or I only eat 1 if my salt intake is getting up there. I also look at the salt levels in everything I eat like I said above.

The salty stuff… I can go a couple days without it and only have it if I am eating a sandwich or something like that. Sometimes I might snack on it but I only eat the recommended serving size. If it says 15 chips thats all I have.

Eating… Well, I am not on any kind of low carb anything. I still have spaghetti from time to time or a baked potato but I eat whole wheat bread, VERY LIMITED when it comes to anything white ( only 1 serving) rice etc if were eating out lets say Chinese food.

Eating out is RARE for us. But when we do, I JUST ABOUT ALWAYS blow my salt intake for the day eating out. I am constantly Googling the restaurants nutritional facts page and I look up what I want to order and check the salt contents. :frowning:

I do have a glucose checker and I sometimes check twice a day but most times I forget I know shame on me. I am going to get better at it.

I am just learning about things that will spike your BS levels like carbs etc. I never knew about carbs spiking your BS! I was watching sweets and stuff like that. I thought that was all I had to watch out for.

But anyways enough about the introduction and how I’ve lost weight I am worried about complications. I’ve read so many things on Google about complications Eyes, Kidneys, Cancer, Dementia, etc. I am scared its going to happen to me like Kidney problems even though I got my A1C down within a couple of months. I will be doomed to have eye problems or Kidney problems or Cancer just because I am T2D.

I have been talking to fellow diabetics on twitter and I was told I am not doomed to that fate if I take care of myself. I THOUGHT I was on the road to that getting my A1C down and losing weight. Will all of that be enough to prevent that?

Everything I have read said " PREVENT / SLOW DOWN" things from happening to me. I don’t like the " slow down" part because that makes me think I am doomed I will have eye problems or kidney problems ANYWAYS no matter what I do.

I never knew that this website existed until someone direct messaged me on twitter and gave me the link to this site. So I naturally signed up and I am telling my story to fellow T2D like myself :slight_smile:

IDK just a lot on my mind and feeling doomed. I am hoping ya’ll can calm my fears and tell me whats true and whats not.



Also I don’t want to wind up one day on Insulin or a pump. That scares me too!

@Chris6 You are doing good with what you have been doing. I would caution you on stressing about what may come in the future. Stress is a major problem for us type 2 diabetics, probably type 1s as well. There is a hormonal storm to ready us for fight or flight and one of the things is to raise blood glucose levels for action. The problem is when the stress is emotional or mental from unresolved issues and one is diabetic that high BG remains high. My late Mom gave me a plaque with, “Worry is interest paid on a note before it is due.”

Increase your walk but let the increase be more relaxing so that you take in the sights, smells and sounds around you. This is a good way to drain stress away.

Do learn to be more regular about testing.

As to diabetic complications, the best defense is to keep BG near normal. I have but one of these in 28 years. My right eye has a very minor retinopathic spot. This is watched by my ophthalmologist and it has been shrinking. I do have cataracts in both eyes, but that may not be from diabetes but living, driving and working in the Texas sun. They are not ripe for surgery, I am told. I wear UVA and UVB sunglasses all the time now.

Anyway, congratulations on bringing your HbA1c down to normal. A cyber tip of the hat and pat on the back.

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Hello, @luis3

I changed my username to what I use all over the web CWM030 but I guess that its still showing Chris6 but I see CWM030. I guess it takes awhile for it to update.

Nice on living in TX! I lived in Texas too for 9 years the first time ( Abilene, Dallas) and then 16 the 2nd time (2003 to 2019) and we lived in East Texas the 2nd time ( east of Dallas) we were only about an hour or so from Dallas and Tyler was the big city for us for everything.

I walk 3 times a week for 30 min. I will try upping it to 4 or 5 days a week.

I will try to test more often during the day and try to not worry about what’s to come like you said.

Wow about your eyes! I worry about cataracts and stuff too when I am older. I am only 37 now.

Thanks for replying and take care!

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There is an excellent article on Diabetes Daily about how and why we eat.


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@CWM030 It showed up like that in your reply, Chris. Hey, I just walked 2.1 miles in 38 minutes. When I got to the 30 minute mark my watch showed 1.6 miles even. So Chris, you are walking faster than me. It is so windy to day. I would rather been on my bike, but I didn’t want to try into a 30+mph headwind. Anyway dropped my BG from 147 to 102mg/dl. For some reason my my BG ramps up pretty steep after lunch, not so much breakfast and dinner. Always learning something new with diabetes.

Since I’m an old retired fart I can usually burn it off with a walk, ride or virtual ride depending on the weather.

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Hey, welcome! I just wanted to say that it sounds like you’re working really hard and doing well! You should be proud of what you have accomplished. :slight_smile: Two things:

  1. Don’t be scared of insulin or a pump. If it happens, it happens. It doesn’t mean that you have failed. You may never require insulin, but if you do, you’ll figure it out. It’s not that bad, I promise!

  2. My son has T1 (I do too), and there was a poster on a forum for parents of kids with diabetes who had a quote from a famous endocrinologist in her signature line that I loved. It was “Well-managed diabetes is the leading cause of…nothing.” It always made me smile!



@hawkeyegirl Hello!

I hope that I never progress to the point that I need a pump. But I see plenty of type2’s on here that have progressed through the meds and to a pump / or shooting up insulin. I am trying to stay away from that.

But when it comes to that signature if well managed its the cause of nothing, then why it would it progress to me needing a pump if I am taking care of myself?


Its really just a matter of whether the T2 meds can continue to work. For various reasons they may not, and insulin may be required to maintain healthy bg levels.

I am type 1, 55+ years, and my mom is type 2 35+ years. She will be 90 this year, and has done well on just T2 meds (no insulin).

Jast keep your focus on the meds or tools you need. Insulin may be a great tool to balance your bg, and a pump is always optional.

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