Alone again

Well it is Halloween and I am alone again, and will be for the rest of the weekend. I thought maybe my daughter would be here for my birthday but I guess not. I am sick of it being all about her and what she wants. I took her to her boyfriends house because he said he didn’t have the gas to come and get her, then I find out they went to pick up one of his friends for tonight…boy did I get hosed. I hate this weekend and will glad when it is Monday and I don’t have to face my birthday alone again.

I know what you mean, I feel like I just got hosed into taking her…and that makes me feel stupid. I know better than to get hosed like that. Her dad sent her phone charger to her over night and I won’t go out to the mailbox and get it, if she is not home then tough.

Happy Birthday, Beth.
I was alone on my birthday when my husband was transfered out of town and we hadn’t sold our house, yet. I went out with my girlfriend that day and bought myself a pair of cowgirl boots, came home and drank wine and danced by myself to CMTV with my new boots on…so fun.
Debb…make your plan, now.

Happy Birthday, Beth