Alternate site testing


Do any of you use sites other than the fingers for checking your child’s blood sugar? If so, what lancing device do you use? Which sites work best?

O’s little fingers need a break and she says that she is open to trying other sites. I can’t tell what works best and hurts less.


Hey Paige. I sometimes use the top of my son’s finger just below the fingernail. You should try to stay in between the finger joint and the nail. I’ve also tried on the top of the arm between the wrist and elbow but not always good results. We use the Freestyle Mini meter but use the Accu-chek Multiclix lancet, he says it is less painful than the one that came with the freestyle mini. Our son is 3yrs old and he’s staring to prick his own fingers now too, one less step for us now. lol! I hope this helps.

Dave M

I wish my daughter would want to try a different site. I’ve heard of people doing it on their arms but she is to scared to try it . A guy here at work his daughter is type 1 and he said that she will sometime use her ear lobe. Never heard of that one but he says it’s within 15 of what she would get on her finger. So if her finger bs was 120 the ear lobe would read 135 is what he told me. Don’t think my daughter would try that either or how acurate it would be.

We use toes overnight. We don’t see any difference from fingers. We use a multiclix lancet.



Thanks everyone! We started using toes last night!

I am not sure if I would use toes. The feet require extra attention and care due to diabetes. I don’t know if your doctor suggested it but if not I would check with him /her. I will try to remember to ask my sons Endo at our next appointment.

Good point, David. Thank you.

We use the arms all the time. It is relatively clean, not affected by sugar, etc.on hands. Definitely lass painful. Easier in cold weather to get the sample. If low, we cross check with fingers. Family member is also a cook, and cannot use fingers consistantly.


Do you just use the same lancet device as with the fingers, or do you use the clear plastic top that comes with some of them?

We use a BD lancet device with lancets that are very small gauge and I don’t think it came with one of the tops meant for alternate site testing.


Skylar uses a vaculance, made by bayer. It forms a small suction after the poke. He tests on arms and calves. We cross test and have never found a big difference and he hates finger poking.

Yes, we have one with a clear top, it may not be a BD lancet device. We had some small devices from Freestyle and other meters. But you do not have to have a clear top, I think it is just convenient to see the droplet, sometimes you can press a little after the lancet hits. Just adjust the depth of the lancet till it is deep enough to draw blood from the alt site.