Alternatives to TSA's Pat Down/Body Scanner Policy

The experts weigh in on alternatives to body scanners & aggressive pat downs.

I smiled at the statement that TSA has become a jobs program.

Safe journeys to all.

Do we really have people who are Quialified X-ray- techs. I protect my child from molesters and now we can just go straight to the airport. Did any one tell them dogs work better. I rather have a dog sniff my butt than have some prev feel me up or glow in the dark. When are we going to say enough is enough .? Did these clowns read the constitution ?

I’d prefer a dog any day! For one thing, they’re trained.

The Constitution went in the trash when the Patriot Act went into effect. Actually, before that.

We’re under survelliance constantly with public cameras & no one bats an eye. All for “public safety,” of course. Cameras mounted on traffic lights, cameras in parking lots, at ATM machines, in public buildings, the post office, at toll booths, train stations, bus stations, you name it.

I am with you on that.

Me too for dogs!

Did you guys see that story about that tiny chihuahua they hired in China to do drug sniffs? Obviously the dog do a better job at this stuff than people do. Dogs have high sense of smell. Plus since I am getting interogated, it would be nice to have something cute to pet to relieve my stress. :slight_smile:

The bigest problem is that we let them get away with this stuff . It is time to stand up and say ; We’re mad as Hell and We’re not going to take it anymore. Let’s reclaim our country.

Every time I go through the checkpoint line. I start bitching and grumbling about what a pain in the ■■■ it and whoever I am with tells me to be quiet because they could pull you out of line and arrest you. Apparently you have to be subjected to all this for what-all-know-what-the-reason-is but you not permitted to talk about it!. You can’t even say the word “bomb” - they will think you a terrorist. Geez. So I have a feeling if we protest, they might arrest for being “potential terrorists”. :slight_smile:

So what! What if they arrest us?Put it before the American puplic. I’ll just feel like I’m back in the 70’s. Only when enough people are willing to take a stance will things change. Do’nt trust the government to do the right thing.

probeably not, but if they have the have not comprehended it

as long as we are afraid of them (our goverment and its tentacles) they have won and we have lost and the real terrorists have won while LTAO at us an those her that poretend we are safer

you got it!

two words: Israieli model

Not afraid of them - just don’t have the money to get myself out of jail! Unless you guys are gonna bail me out! :slight_smile:

They can only jail so many! Small price for freeddom. It is better to die a free man than a slave .

We’ll raise money to spring you!

Terrorists have won, Gov’t has also won by turning ours into a police state. We, the people, have lost. How fascists have historically come to power–economic instability & xenophobia.

The biggest terrorist and the biggest threat to freedom has become our government

It it apparently works like a charm. America is no longer the home of the Free and the Brave. America home of the authoritarian and the pants wetter.

We need to only vote for those who back the consitution. And clean out the rats nest in congress!

Where are those who will say ;" Give me Freedom or give me death! " Is life so sweet that we dare scarifice freedom the shackles of “safety” of the government.I would rather be like William Walace and cry Freedom with my last breath!

Well, as long as you guys can foot me my bail, than I will start making my protest signs now! Hmmm, need some catchy slogans…:slight_smile: