Always putting my toe in it

Looking down at my two swolen nails onmy big toes size 10 shoe reminds of the time I fell of a two story ladder they say the bigger you are the softer the fall,who ever said that was not 18 stone and believe me I did not bounce well not very high I ended up with two broken big toes,my big toes right now ache because my spacial awareness does not work plus I keep stubbing my toes as I try avoid the furniture and our three cat’s all the cat’s follow me around and sometimes I tread on there paws or worse still there tails breni already lost part of her tail when our sister in law closed the door with brienis tail still trying ti catch up with the rest of here I tend to shuffle along unaware our beloved cat,s can get in the way if I go into the kitchen all three cat,s have to be first to the cat food cupboard,right now brian is dleeping outside our bedroom door jimbob has taken over from smudge sleeipng on the bed next to me so on one side of the bed Angel sleeps wings and all and one the other side of the bed jimbom sleeps I get squeezed from both sides yes I know how sardines feel in the can,so friends I have forgotten what this blog is all about my shirt term memory needs to reboot every few minutes still things could be worse,not really life right now is good well as good as it is ever going to be love and best wishes twiddle

love & best wishes to you & yours too