Always Tell The Truth With Diabetes


I can’t remember the last time I checked ketones in urine. Yeah the 15g, I try now to do that, but there have been times where 2 candy bars in a row just sort of happened. Honestly, it’s hard for people to remember what they eat. If you ask someone randomly at the end of the day, they might have to actually stop and think for a minute. And they might not remember. I think diabetics are geared to sort of remember these things because of the good vs. bad sugar issues, and counting everything we eat, so they think about it more carefully I suppose. Or at least try to. The last one, yeah I’ve been told recently by doctors that the lancet does not need to be changed everytime. Once a day only, so that’s good. The needle tips are different though. I’m not sure why, but the reason to change them is due to bacterial infection that may cause pericarditis; or heart inflammation which can be a problem.

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I do change sites every 3 days and test more than 4 times each day. But that’s only because I don’t have a CGM.

As to the rest, I change lancets only when they get too dull… maybe once a year. Never check for ketones. Am very sensitive to carbs so always start with 4 to 8g of carbs to treat a low. And I do eat that and dose for it if I want it enough.

Pinocchio would have a pretty normal nose with me.


I change my lancets maybe every couple of weeks, and I test around 10 times a day since I don’t use a CGM. I use needles over and over again too and have never had a problem. I should probably change them more often though. Even after 60 yrs my skin looks fine.

I never check for ketones, but suppose I would if I ever got really ill. I don’t eat very much to treat the low. I no longer eat stuff that I shouldn’t eat, although I sure did in my past.


Well, I’m on a pump and CGM now and while I still test, sometimes I don’t for days or sometimes I do a few times a day. Hmmm I don’t remember when I last changed the lancet. But before I would change a lancet when it started to hurt more, probably every few months.

I usually eat 15 carbs for a low. But sometimes I just say I don’t care whatever, this OJ is good and I’m drinking the whole thing!

I always change my site every 3 days, my pod makes an obnoxious sound after 8 hours after expiration.

I have ketone strips, they are of course expired but probably still good. I know I have tested for some reason at some point in the past, but it was quite a while ago and I don’t remember why.

And I really did have different meters all over the place, purse, by bed, kitchen, living room. I still do.

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Cute picture! I have a healthy-sized list of white lies that I like to tell myself. For instance…

  1. Yes, I tested before I ate!
  2. Yes, I bolused at least 15 minutes before the meal!
  3. Yes, I made the low-carb, high protein choice!
  4. Yes, I changed the lancet before testing!
  5. Yes, I changed the needle before injecting!
  6. Yes, I changed the pod as soon as it expired!
  7. Yes, I am testing every four hours!
  8. Yes, I swab the site with alcohol first!
  9. Yes, I used a new area for my site change!
  10. Yes, I bolused for my midnight snack!

But we’ve got no strings to hold us down, right?



Oh wow, I have never used alcohol and I usually inject through my clothes. I suppose I would if I used a CGM or a pump.


I use alcohol only when I change the pump inset and not even that if it happens right after a shower.

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I don’t even have alcohol, and haven’t used it for years.

When I did inject, I found the newer ultra-fine needles tended to bend and break after 4 or 5 uses. In the old days I’d use disposable syringes and pen needles for weeks or longer.

I rarely change lancets, even after testing a minimum 5-7 times a day (have a Dexcom G5 CGM). The tips of my fingers are scarred with tiny black marks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I’ve found if you use them enough you can hardly feel a thing when you prick for blood.

Lows are treated with 1-4 grams of carbs, and often a bolus (even when low).

I have no ketone urine strips (and never have). I eat low carb so do have serum (blood) ketones strips and a meter.