Always Verify! Or: never do what I did!

I read here on TuD the other day–in the forums, somewhere–that a snack size McFlurry (mix of soft-serve and a mix-in from McDonalds) was only 18gm carb.

“Oh!” I said. “That’s not too bad, I should get one of those sometime.”

We were in the drive thru today to get my son a drink, I ordered a snack size McFlurry

“WHAT!!” I said, when I saw the size of the thing. It was about 8 oz, so I knew it had to be more than TWICE what I had read it was. I estimated at least 45 carbs. I would never have ordered it had I known it was so big. But now it was in front of me, in all of its caramel and vanilla deliciousness.

I ate the whole thing. “You watch, I’m going to feel lousy in 1/2 hour,” I said to my son. I actually felt OK, but I didn’t test to see whether I spiked. I have no plans to repeat that performance.

You know how they say “trust, but verify”? Screw the trusting, I’m verifying in advance from now on.

Here’s what I just found for an oreo 6-7/10 oz. mcflurry
carbs: 53 protein:8 fat: 12 cal: 340

Definitely more than 18g!

That’s why Calorie King is the home page of the browser on my phone…