Am I a bit too OCD?

I was updating my logbook, something that I despise doing, for my appointment next week and noticed that I think I’ve been correcting even the slightest high. I corrected a BS of 140 for instance. My goal is 100 and I love the fact that I can enter that 140 in my pump and correct it, but am I just too OCD about this? Like right now, I am almost to my two hour mark and am at 168 and feeling the urge to correct… Is anyone else an obsessive corrector?

Yes, definitely - and I am on MDI - and I will take another unplanned injection to correct. I also correct to 100.

It was horrible when I was on MDI’s and I too would take another injection just to correct. Hands down, that’s the best thing about a pump!

Yeah - but I am T2. Would love a pump, but would not likely get approved for one at this point. I am not in total need of basal insulin yet - I tend to wake up somewhat OK. But I do take rapid insulin for any food intake, including snacks.

That’s cool. Yeah, I’m type 1 and refused to get it for awhile and finally gave in… now, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

OCD is an asset to any diabetic. You are blessed.

I wouldn’t argue with you.

Hey I correct a 140, a 130 and if I could I would correct a 110. I can not correct a 110 because my target is 120. Now, I used to have a target of 100, but I was way to aggressive so the wife, after talking to the doc raised it. So do watch out, there is a point when it can go too low.

rick phillips

Yea me, I guess that makes me also OCD.

I concur with the general sentiment that OCD is an asset in this regard. I correct agressively and sometimes with multiple number of doses within a short period (thank goodness for the pump). Many times I’ll start correcting even when I’m solidly in my target zone, or even slightly hypo, based on the steepness of the upward curve I’m observing on my Dex. By acting sooner in these situations I’m able to turn the upward curve around before the numbers get too high. It’s a lot of work but well worth it. I probably do 5-15 corrections a day but it helps me stay in my target range for a high % of the day.

By the way everyone; OCD means One Careful Diabetic. So we are are doing very well, thank you very much!

My morning BGs improved when I stated correcting highs (same as you to a goal of 100) just before bed.