Am I an oddity?

I know I’m crazy. My family have all told me that, but I have begun to wonder if my diabetes is atypical in some way. I was diagnosed T2 following a stroke. Never having had any symptoms. In addition, I don’t have all the syndrome X symptoms. I AM overweight( despite working on it) and have high blood pressure, but my cholesterol is Low. It’s Never been over 3.6mmol/l( i don’t know the conversion!!.HDL higher than LDL and triglycerides a3e barely there at all.
I keep to non diabetic numbers on low carb with 2 x Metformin 500per day and need less medication than I was given after my stroke nearly 7 years ago.
Any thoughts folks?

It doesn’t sound odd to me. I’m overweight, with normal blood pressure and gorgeous cholesterol. I did have some issues with high triglycerides but they have normalized. Is there something specifically that makes you feel atypical? Your description sounds normal to me, but I might be misunderstanding.

All People are a bit odd in our own little way some a bit more than others but I never thought of you as crazy. I am not a Type 2 but I have heard many Type 2’s in different communities saying that they had no symptoms. Also some had the symptoms so slight or not the usual, that they didn’t associate them with Diabetes.

It sounds like you are doing Well with your carb counting as long as you are satisfied with it while at the same time not being too obsessive about it. At least you are trying to achieve your Goal…to get and stay healthy in whatever way you can. Good for you Hana. :slight_smile:

It’s just that I have been reading about a couple of people who were diagnosed T2 and turned out to be LADA. I know I’m not that. But these poor folks found doctors who said the first diagnostician, should have queried T2, because they didn’t have the complete Syndrome X.
I am now 7 years past diagnosis and keeping very well, so I’m sure that the T2 is correct, but I looked at my own numbers and worked out I don’t have full Syndrome X either. and I am sure I’m definitely T2.
One of those mis-diagnosed T2/LADA folks was made very Ill.That doesn’t apply to me.So I just wondered if, finding my T2 fairly easy to manage and not needing to increase any medication in those 7 years( which most people seem to do) makes me a bit odd. in fact I’ve been able to reduce my medication from 3 x 500mg Metformin PLUS 40mg Gliclazide, to just the 2 X 500mg Metformin and I have managed several days in a row without any medication, just to see if I can.