Am I doing something wrong?

So, I finally got my new pump…a medtronic 630G, which came with the Contour Plus bg monitor. Got myself up and running within a couple of hours. Still waiting for my insurance to approve the test-strip order, so for the most part, I’m still using my One Touch meter and strips, which means I have to enter the bg into the pump before entering carbs. Okay…not that much of a problem.

But since my short-term memory is all but non-existent, I do use the Contour meter when I’m out or with people, as I would forget my bg number the minute I take the strip out. I’m so used to my meter talking to my pump, and it’s annoying to have to keep turning the meter back on and scrolling to find the last bg number. Getting old isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be!

Anyway, when I’m using the Contour bg meter, I’m wondering why it doesn’t shut itself off automatically once I’ve tested, marked the test (fasting, before meal, etc.) and the meter sends the info to the pump. I have to manually shut it off. Am I missing something here? I’ve looked through the book, but can’t find anything about this admittedly minor problem.

Further info…I’m not on a CGM, so I’ll be using the meter all the time. Again…age, maybe, but it’s getting annoying to have to change so many things. The 630 requires so much more button-pushing than the Paradigm, but I’m guess that’s because it can do so much more than the Paradigm pumps. I just don’t want to have to keep charging the bgm because I will probably forget to shut it off when I start using it regularly.

Gosh…I am getting crochety, darn it!


It should turn off by itself after a time - less then 1 minute
turn autolog off and see what happens

If it does not it is faulty

As long as the used strip is removed from meter. I know, comment sounds a little silly, but just trying to cover all the possibilities,

Yes, I assumed the strip was out

Yep. I remove the strip…meter stays on. What is autolog? Maybe that’s what the problem is, and I need to shut it off. I really don’t care if I can mark when my bg was taken, just as long as it sends the bg to the pump, I’d be satisfied.

My error - I thought you were talking about a contour next meter

usually medtronic sends a contour next with a pump

my error - however I never saw a meter that never timed out - even the 5 dollar ones

It may be waiting for you to do remote bolus from contour next.

Medtronic 630

You have the Contour Next Link 2.4, correct? It sends data to the 670G, if u want u can then hit “OK” on the meter, once it has sent the data. The meter will shut off automatically, regardless of u confirming with “OK”.

It MUST be the “2.4” version, to work with the 670 for uploading data and for uploading the pump data to a computer. The older versions of the Contour Next Link will not work!

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He stated he has a contour PLUS - which I do not think talks to the pump

I see that now. Don’t know WHY he has or is using a “Plus” which I’ve not heard of. I have 3 or 4 Contour Next meters. The Link, Link 2.4, EZ, and one other one who’s name escapes me.

Either a shipping mistake or medtronic is being medtronic

he should call and insist on a next

Stupid me is giving advice based on a next

Why would Medtronic even have a “Plus” in their possession?? I cannot even find a “Plus” mentioned on the Contour Next page. Therefore, I think the OP is mistaken. If you can find a “Plus” model, PLEASE LINK TO IT!

The op is correct

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I couldn’t find it on the particular page I was on. THANKS!! In any event, it makes zero sense for Medtronic to be sending such a meter.

You are all correct…I do not have a Contour Plus…it’s a Contour Next. Sorry about that. Still have some aphasia since my stroke in 2010.


I have the contour next link and it does the same thing, I don’t confirm OK, I just leave it on (stays on for about 3 minutes). May be shorter if you confirm OK. It doesn’t seem to drain the battery as I find I am charging maybe once a month(not sure on that , never really counted how many days it stays charged) But I do have a CGM so I am only testing 2 to 4 times a day. You can just power the meter off each time or just see how much battery life you get just pulling the test strip out and leaving it to shut off by itself.

Batteries are FREE for the life of the meter. Just call Ascensia tech support and they will mail out 2ea 2032 batteries when your batteries get low/die. I buy 2032’s from Amazon, and the ones I get from Ascensia replenish my supply as it takes a few days for the batteries to be delivered.

2032 at the dollar store are very good

price check - a dollar

“good” not as good as free.

The only batts I buy are a few 2032’s some button for calipers and such and 9 volt for smoke detectors

I use AA and AAA eneloops for all else - good as free after a while