Am I going mad or are prenatal vitamins having an affect on your sugars too?


I just started taking a prenatal vitamin called Pregnacare and am wondering if the awfully high sugars I have been seeing this week are related…anyone else having similar experiences? I also take the prescribed 5mg folic acid but have been on that for a couple of months and not noticed any changes.

As you take it with food it could just be massively high post-prandial results…crazy hormones or who knows what?

With the Pregnacare I am now on what seems to be a massive dose of folic acid - 5.4mg. The pharmacist said ‘it should be ok.’

Would love to hear what others are doing about prenatal vitamins.
Dee x

I just started taking prenatals yesterday but Ive been fighting highs for a few days prior… Ill let you know though

I take the Twinlab brand prenatal vitamins and i take them before bed, but end up going low in the night, i have not had any issues with them making me go high

I’ve taken pre-natals for over a year now (started taking them while trying to conceive and am currently 33 weeks pregnant). No effect on my numbers.

But, and I didn’t know this until I hit some serious highs in weeks 6 and 7, not everyone experiences first trimester lows that you read about. I didn’t. Your hormones can play havoc with your numbers. We’re all different. Once I hit the last part of trimester 2 (week 23ish?), my insulin needs shot up and have continued to skyrocket due to placental growth hormones. My doc explained that the placenta doesn’t know you’re a diabetic and that that’s a good thing.

Anyway, I’m up to 150 units or more of Apidra everyday from 50-60 units pre-pregnancy. It’s insane. Don’t be afraid to adjust your basals - if only temporarily - to bring down a few days of high numbers or insulin resistance. I make adjustments to my ratios and basal insulin at least once a week now.

I was on Novanatals for all 3 of my pregnancies & never found any highs related to them. My insulin requirements began going up during the first trimester & just never stopped. I, too, was close to 180 units (from a normal 35-50) by the time my girls were born. Just as a side note, don’t take prenatals at the same time as thyroid meds, as the thyroid med uptake is affected by them. My doctor never told me that… Good luck!

I have been wondering this too! I started on prenatal vitamins about a month and a half ago. I had just gotten my a1c down to 6.2 and realized the possibility of a baby could actually happen. Life has been consistent, but I am having all kinds of unexplainable highs and they are taking much longer to come down. The only change has been the vitamins. I am so frustrated. My endo was planning on giving me the thumbs up for TTC on March 1st if I maintained my a1c at or below 6.2.

I don’t recall the vitamins having any effect on my blood sugars. Very curious. Did you check out the extra ingredients? If its an issue, ask to be changed to something else.

I’ve been taking Nevo DHA for about 7 months now and I’ve found that they make my sugars go down, not up. I would call your endo and see what they say about it.

I have been taking pre-natals now for almost a year now, pregnant 20 weeks. I do not see any connection between my pre-natal and my blood sugar going up. Pregnancy made my blood sugars go up - but I think it was all the eating that I was doing to avoid the nausea. If I ate, I would not feel queezy.