Am i losing my mind?

You all know that I have been able to
keep control of my diabetes Type-1 as evidenced by my HGA1C 5.8 not
bad! But somehow things are happening to me which at the least amaze

This morning we had to go shopping. So what! You may say! Wait a
minute! I had to put my shoes on… I thought that it was not going
well with my right shoe! But I got in. Than to my left shoe, only to
find out that I now had my right shoe in my hand. Two right shoes?

I was slightly puzzled! Then I found out why my right foot had trouble
getting into my shoe!

For Pete’s sake I had put my right foot, forced into my left shoe. Is
this special to JOHNBEN or has this happened to any of you? On occasion I
found the teapot in the fridge. I told Johanna that I was making
ice-tea. Testing my BG I was
ok! but my right foot into a left shoe, that I cannot let pass!

Johanna did laugh her head off! Actually so did I.

But then since we get many people coming for some reason, she wanted to
buy an extra teapot. I told her that making much tea for many people is
simply made in the dishwasher.

You all know that don’t you, but she didn’t. You fill the DW full with
warm water, then take a pound of tea and poor innto the DW let the DW
mix it a bit and you will be ready for a house full of tea drinkers. No
need to buy a larger teapot. You have to spoon the tea out carefully!.

Had my echo cardiogram yesterday, in 4 more weeks they will check the
cardio arteries

and the Vertibral arteries coming from the neck into my wise head.

You know that I want to be the first 100 year diabetic right? Have to
get my check ups just like your car. My car is 15 year young. Have 66000
KM on it. A Taurus!

Well that all folks.

Greeting from JB.

Well, so many things have happened to me since my last siggie.

Soon be 50 years on the needle. Soon be 20 years catherterizing

my bladder who threw in the towel because of neuropathy.

Soon be 80 years young. Had a stroke and small heart attack.

Have glaucoma on both eyes.




I’m glad you are keeping your sense of humor through all of this!

I did stuff like that a lot when I was pregnant. Perhaps you’re pregnant? :wink: