Am I neurotic?

So I was at the mall and then the supermarket. Probably out of the house for 3 hours. I must have tested like 6 times and each time I was hovering at 75. I took a couple of sugar tablets but still hovered at 80. Should I lower my basal during shopping and walking or should I like try to eat carbs before leaving the house to get my sugars at around 130-140 and then go out. I am on .15 units for basal since I am still honeymooning and I am extremely thin. I feel like even putting .10 units an hour would not make much of a change for 3 hours of shopping? Maybe I should eat a peanut butter sandwich or something and then go out?

I know for me I had a problem like this when I was at disney walking around all day and for me I lowered my basal by .10 and it worked great. I was not doing exercise or anything but apperently it was enough to know my bg down slighly so after lowering it I was in the 120’s.

I am also on a very low basal rate. In fact .20 is my afternoon basal rate. If I know I am going to be particularly active (even lots of walking with shopping), I use a temporary basal of 50% for the time that I am active…sometimes 25%. You could try that.

When I know I’m going to be active I lower my basal rate for about 2 hours and check before the 2 hours are up. Being active as we know does lower our bs. Even if I’m going to the supermarket and know I’ll be there an hour or more I lower basal. My rate is .8 so I lower to half.

So it seems you guys reduce your basal instead of eating carbs to get your numbers higher. Do you guys ever completely turn off your basal? I played 2 hours of raquetball and shut off my basal and still went low so I had some juice.