Am I over reacting?

I have been using a Freestyle Flash Meter by Abbott for about 5 years and I never had any problem with it. I have about 500 strips left to use then it is no more, because they have stopped producing them and I was debating whether to switch to the freestyle lite, or the new Ultra Meter that feeds right into my pump.

Today after deciding to log with my new forms Libby sent me and all geared up for success in eating, exercising, and maintaining good records so I can obtain good numbers while lowering my basal and bike riding and or exercising.

Third test of the day on my freestyle flash and I got an ER2 message on this old meter and of course I had no back up with me, and I was feeling a bit low and edgy, but woke up with a 104, half of eng muffin, and 138 later and now feeling very loud and very low at work.

I decided to call Abbott as I did not have my manual for the meter with me, who carries that? I called the support line and told them my story and asked what an ER2 was. She wanted my name, address, serial number of the meter, lot number of the strips, and wanted to know if I had control solution, nooooo, please just tell me what ER2 means?? Ma’am, I need all this info so that I can overnight you a free, freestyle lite to you, but hey what does ER2 mean? Ma’am, if you would not interrupt me I need this info because we are no longer making freestyle flashes, I know this, what is an ER2 message? Ma’am you no longer can use your freestyle flash and an ER1 means you are hypoglycemic, but what is an ER2??? in a not happy voice. Well ma’am an ER2 can mean hyperglycemic and I know by how agitated I am that I am not hyper. She said ma’am please test again, I said are you kidding me what is an ER2?? Please test ma’am and I will tell you, I test again and guess what ER2, she then states they no longer make freestyle flashes and that she is shipping a new freestyle lite, omg, how will that help me now I ask, she said you need to call your physician, are you kidding me what will they do for me,(tell me what and ER2 is???, my husband’s input tonight.)

Well I hung up and started to think I should of told her I will go to drugstore and buy a new meter, will she cover the expense if I send her the bill, but then I remember there is a Type 2(who never tests), I go running to her desk, cause I am wound up and feel low and tell her my story and tada she has a meter. I test and it is 95, phew. She let’s me use the meter the rest of the day and I decided to walk after lunch even though I already bolused and two hours later was 60, so I am very grateful for my nurse friend, but still way pissed at the support at Abbott.

I get home to a voicemail they are sending me a new meter (really??) with 100 strips and if I let them know how many strips I have left for the flash they will replace those too, hmmm, think support tech screwed up or what??

Okay, did I over react?

Which meter freestyle lite or Ultra?

Oooo and what the heck is ER2, gonna go look now in my MANUAL. :wink:

I have used both. The freestyle uses less blood, but I like the fact the Ultra syncs to my pump. I am horrible about inputting my blood sugars into my pump and will bolus without entering the sugar and I also like the fact I can just sync it to my computer to download my readings because I also have a tendency not to log.
As far as customer service for Freestyle I have had no problems with them giving me what errors mean, as I don’t carry my book with me either.

Freestyle is no longer supporting the flash?! Sheesh, I am glad somebody gave me the heads up. Now I have to go through the process of getting new prescriptions, new prior-auth’s, and finding the millions of bottles of test strips I have scattered throughout multiple drawers and purses so I can get them replaced. :slight_smile:

Well I got home and no free meter and strips shipped next day to me. For sure I am not staying with freestyle lite.

ER-2 is one of the general error codes that means “dead meter”. Questions about control solutions and batches of strips are used both to get data to find out what could be causing the meter to throw the error and to qualify the user for free replacement under the terms of the warranty. If you got your Flash from Therasense before they were acquired by Abbott, the warranty is five years. If you got it from Abbott (Abbott logo on your meter), the warranty is only for one year.

I have never had to call customer service to Abbott for my own meter, and had great customer service from Therasense. Recently I have placed e-mail inquiries to Abbott and have had mixed results with their replies.

I’m very happy with the Flash, and have a backup Flash meter (still in the box, though I’ve needed the lancet device to replace a dead one).

FWIW, just because the meter has been replaced by newer designs does not mean that the company will stop producing strips for it. I’m seeing indications that I can still purchase strips for my old Accu-Chek Active – and I don’t think that meter’s been in production for three or four years (I switched to the original Freestyle back in April 2003, and then to the Flash in November, 2003, shortly after it was introduced). While I am not seeing the original FLASH meter on my usual mail-order sources, I am seeing the original FREEDOM meter there. IIRC, the Freedom has a larger display, fewer functions, and no backlight – but if you can get one cheaply enough, it may serve the purpose until you use up your existing supply of strips.

It seems they want you to upgrade, which makes sense, however they should have answered your question. I am sorry you went through all that, amiga.

Thanks Manny and today, omg, I brought my meter and left the strips at home and my Type 2 nursing bud is not here so I went to a Type1 in the office and can you believe she had freestyle strips. :slight_smile: I borrowed 4, and we compared diabetic notes. :slight_smile:

I also called Walgreens and a box of strips for freestyle of 50 is $60.00, so I asked for a price on a cheapy meter, and they had a walgreens brand for $14.99 and 10 strips, don’t need it now, but good to know.

I know, I know leave a backup at work, I WILL I WILL :slight_smile:

Here’s a bit of a laugh on the “upgrade” thing: The Other Half went to have his strips and lancets filled (Freestyle Flash). He goes to pick them up from CVS and the package is larger than he expects: they wanted to give him a Freestyle Lite with Freestyle Lite strips b/c they didn’t have a Freestyle Flash meter in stock.

“I have the meter!” he exclaims, whipping it out of his pocket. “I just need the strips!”


In the end, his same meter, correct strips. Guess everyone’s pushing to either “use OUR house brand” or upgrade…

freestyle i think use less blood and never fails for me… here is an offer from them… i just posted .

$50 off of a box of Freestyle test strips per month… call 1-866-246-2683 or visit FreeStyle Promise™ to get a card.