Am I the only one who thinks this

We all have seen those late night get free diabetes supplies adds on television. Well there is one I don’t remember off the top of my head which company it was from, but its for a free meter that talks and has an extra large display for easy reading ect. Whenever they so a reading on it the reading is 121 or 125. The first thing I think of every time I see this is I hope they just ate. I know 120s are not consider high but unless I have eaten recently I rarely am over 95. Just wonder if anyone else thinks odd things when they see these adds.

I think most of those ads are directed at Medicare patients. I try to keep my bgs around 100 maybe 110 after eating, but my CDE told me 180 was fine. I can’t imagine where I would have been if I followed her advise. I was talking to my 91 year old Dad who is a type 2 last night. He asked me where I keep my bgs. I told him I like to keep it 80-100. He was shocked, he said isn’t that way too low. His doctor told him to test 2 x a week and none of the testings are after meal numbers. So I think seniors are told different things. I laugh at those commercials, they also tell you they will send you a free cookbook and then they show a table of carby desserts.

LOL – If I saw that ad I’d think, I’d give anything to see a 125 in the morning. ;0P

In all honesty I think those ads are more aimed at people with Type 2 diabetes. I know that by using my OneTouch meter I have something that is backed by a major corporation, but I don’t think that I’d feel comfortable using something that was provided for absolutely zero dollars, and wasn’t backed by a name that had to guarantee accuracy. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I think those in tight control are in the minority (just my raving skepticism mind you) and since 120mg/dl is the high(est) side of the acceptable range (80-120) per the ADA thats what they show. From a marketing standpoint you might turn some folks off by showing an 80 as it might be to tough for them or so they think. Better to error on the side of caution put the higher number and hope theyll take the free meter so they can pay for test strips.

My doctor does not want me to go below 100. She has told me that I am ok as long as I am 140 or less 2 hours after I eat. I do try to get my glucose levels down to 100 but some days it is harder than others.

It depends too on T1 or T2. Historically T2s are able to keep lower spikes than T1s. For example I can, in one hour, go from 75 to 220 to 110. Even eating low GI foods cause this because I can mis-time the bolus, whereas it wouldn’t be so wild in a T2 (typically). 120 is the top end of normal for a T1 with 180 being the top end post meal.

I do believe that those commercials are geared towards seniors on Medicare. But, I’ll tell you, I have gotten three free meters in the past year. Two of them the Freestyle Freedom lite which I got 1 from my Doc. and 1 from my nutritionist. The other is the OneTouch Ultra Mini which I got from another diabetes website that I still frequent often and have purchased stuff from them (after I got the free meter). I have also downloaded a lot of free recipes from them. If anyone is interested just ask me and I can give you the site info. But yes, there is a lot of good free stuff that we can get as a diabetics. We just have to do our research.

Per the ADA? Really? They always say 180, everywhere… I’m confused what you mean. (I don’t follow the 180 at all, but that’s what I’ve always seen them claim.)

It really just depends on the Type 2. It may not be common for someone on diet and exercise (with tight control) to hit those numbers… but if they are clueless as to what tight control is and they don’t test often, they probably do, don’t even know it. At work, I had a coworker who was on a couple of orals, and some Lantus. One night he wasn’t feeling well, and he didn’t even bring his meter to work with him, or anything… I always saw him eating stuff I would never eat, but he’d tell me it was okay cus it was “low GI” or whatever crap… And you can’t argue with people, sometimes. Sure enough, I had to go get my gear to test him cus he was sweating, and feeling like he was gonna pass out, and he was 267. I dunno how much he roller coasters, but T2s can hit those kinds of highs regularly, or more. My husband used to get himself in the 400s, as well as my dad… My dad was well over 800 when he was diagnosed.

Yeah, Jim… I think the same. lol I also see some of their meals when they advertise “Diabetic” cookbooks, and I think “Damn, if I ate that, I’d be well over 200!” hehehe I am guessing they think pushing 180 is okay, so 120s is a glorious fasting number to them… Not that it wouldn’t be if one struggled a lot to keep a good number… but… I’m guessing these people aren’t even trying. lol Yay, ADA!.. NOT! lol

I was always told normal - acceptable ADA range was 80-120mg/dl and that was the target. Granted this is info from 15-25years ago (last time I asked for a target range).
I quickly looked it up and see that 1-2 hours after meals the ADA shoots for 180mg/dl. Thats nuts. In fact thats higher than what Non PWD high BGs are.

Wow, I wonder whatever made them change their mind on that…

Most meter companies website will give you a meter for free. Today I found a link to get a Bayer USB meter normally $79.95 for free

Thanks for posting the link! I had a card from them and never got around to sending it in, threw it out,whatever and was looking around for one of those. I think it will be handy for running if I can manage another rx?