AM lows...make me really late to work!

So yeah, I just rolled into work at, oh 10:00 AM! After attempting to answer my phone a couple times, it turns out it was the cell alarm! I couldn't quite understand what all the Droid touchscreen pictures were I got up and checked my bs and there was a nice little 42 on my meter and that has started my day off crappy...its like everything goes on slow-mode. I take too long in the shower, I take too long combing my hair, putting on my makeup, eating breakfast...anyhoo. Animas guy comes over tonight (so also have to leave work early to clean up before he arrives!)

Hopefully Mr. Pumpy-Poo will alleviate my future dilerious lows and get me to work on time!

THanks for sharing and I can relate since the same thing happened to me a few months ago. Being really low and sleepy do not mix :slight_smile:

I’m sure basal adjustments will solve your problem.