Amazing A1c at 11 week check...I can't believe it!

So, my A1c was down from 6.0 at about 4 weeks pregnant (which I was very, very happy with) to 5.4 today at 11 weeks. I have never, ever had a result like that. I was actually shocked since I have had a couple of fairly high highs

I think the fact that all alcohol, fast food, and most processed foods are now off the table (literally), and I’m much more aggressive in treating post-prandial highs has made all the difference in the world.

Just wanted to give all you ladies a word of encouragement if you think you can’t do it…you really CAN!

wow congratz! Good for you.

That’s great news. Congrats.

amazing, casey! congrats! (its amazing the motivation that results from those sorts of numbers, huh?)