Amazing Race, The Diabetic Doctor Won

I am proud of them, but I saw the opening of the show. The diabetic doctor was using her lancet device and pricking her finger while she was driving. Driving rather fast! I could not believe that! The camera focused on something else then, but I assume she finished testing while still driving. Was that necessary? Is it any better than texting while driving, or using a cell phone? She could have tested while her partner was driving.They should NOT have shown that segment on TV.

What were they thinking? I can see someone who thinks that if a doctor can do it, then it is an OK thing to do. I hope no member here will ever test while driving.

I tend to agree with that point there Richard. I'm glad she showed a Type 1 could and would win but like you I think that other's will think that's ok. It really scares me to think any diabetic would think it was ok to do. I guess they done that for viewer ratings. Thank you for bring that up.

They probably had her do it that way for looks! This is reality tv we are talking about! Lol

Wouldn't test while driving, but have tested and a stop light.

I've had my wife check my blood while I was driving on several occasions. My eyes never left the road.

Well....I disagree!

First off she is lucky to get through whatever interview process to get on the show...(that can be very hard when the tv show has insurance against T1's)

Then once she is on the show, she realizes she is competing for a million dollars....A MILLION DOLLARS...

Then she realizes that she is in a "race"!

I would test while driving in that situation or just being a regular joe driving to work. Actually I do.

If you look at what some of the non diabetics do during that same reality/tv-game show, testing blood during driving is really no big deal. Isn't running through an airport dangerous? weren't they all driving crazy at some point?

At least she tested her blood. And I'm thankful they showed it. Also you can see her partner helping her. It's a race.

Oh and by the way Richard157 don't forget to congratulate her on WINNING and showing all people/kids with or without T1 that anything is possible (including testing while driving) LOL.Don't be so critical. She didn't crash and she won!

Also, where were you during her fanclub thread here???? ---->

I'm so happy she won. She can test her blood while bungee jumping.

She got her partner to read her the glucose result. I don't know about others, but I personally can prick my finger and get blood on the strip without looking. I can't drive, however, so I don't know whether most people can test this way. I have tested while walking and it takes half a second, is that any different than glancing down to change radio stations or something?

Talking or texting on a cell phone are different because they are more prolonged tasks, must navigate the menus and type in the message, etc.

I'm really glad they won. Diabetes aside they were also the only team that did not start bickering and get frustrated with one another at one point. I also liked the team that came in second.

What great awareness of Type 1 and a great demonstration that anything is possible.

Sorry Richard, guilty here.

I drive about 2 to 3 hours each way (depending on traffic) to see my family approx once each month. I have been known on a straight patch to test while driving. The radio is more distracting to me than something which is second nature to me. I don't even think about it.

I did not know there was a fanclub. I would have been posting there. I don't know how to find that discussion. Please point it out to me.

On some D sites you can click on "New Posts" and all forums are lumped together and all new posts appear in a long list. I like that! It would then be easy to see a thread like the one you have mentioned. I LOVE TuD, but finding what I want is sometimes awkward. TuD is my current favorite D site though!!!

I agree with everything you have said, but you don't know if you can test and drive if you have not tried it. Trying it could be dangerous, when you don't lnow what is going to happen. I'm sure you can get better at it with practice, but I won't start doing this and possibly risk a traffic mishap. or worse.

The reason I object to testing while driving is that I have always had poor eye to hand coordination. I was therefore always bad at sports and computer games. Now I am 71 and more awkward than ever. I'm sure most people who are young and well coordinated could test safely while driving, maybe even 90% of the time. But how about the one time you might be overconfident or careless and multitask while driving and have an accident. I have to give my driving full attention at all times while the car is moving. I have tested at a stop light, or while in a line of standing traffic, but not while moving.

I have tested while driving too. I don't prefer to do it. Heck, I've also taken an insulin shot while driving (if the syringe is already loaded this is actually very smooth with one hand.)

How many times have I tested or shot up while driving a moving car? At most 2 or 3. Doing it at a stoplight? All the time.

The other extreme, when I've been a passenger in a car and am shooting up or checking my bg, I have had drivers insist that they must pull over for me to do that. Now that I think is silly :-)

LOL, I haven't done this but I have taken a shot while driving. I inject at stoplights no problem but if the car is in motion, someone has to be there to hold the wheel.

Yes I understand. here you go. Click link.

Maybe not an actual fanclub thread, but just a thread about her from the beginning of the show.