American Medical ID is Providing Free Diabetes Medical IDs During Diabetes Awareness Month


HOUSTON, TX (October 23, 2012) – November is Diabetes Awareness Month and November 14 is World Diabetes Day! To help raise awareness and show our support to the diabetes community, American Medical ID is giving away thousands of diabetes medical IDs during November.

Nancy Klobassa Davidson, R.N., and Peggy Moreland, R.N., diabetes bloggers for the Mayo Clinic, wrote, “So, what is all the hoopla about wearing the diabetes medical alert ID? Because it can save your life!

What if your blood sugar drops and you become confused or pass out? You're sick, your blood sugar skyrockets and you become confused? You're in an accident and unconscious? In all these cases, you aren't able to communicate. Medical identification provides important information to the emergency team. It may prevent confusion on the part of the police officer/response team as to whether the confused state is related to alcohol/ drug intoxication and whether you get the appropriate treatment.”

Two styles of diabetes medical ID bracelets, in two sizes, will be available via the American Medical ID Facebook page absolutely free during the month of November.

“Leading medical institutions and diabetes related non-profits recommend the use of medical IDs for people with diabetes. It is our pleasure to offer this program as a way to help provide safety and peace of mind to everyone in the diabetes community. Wearing your diabetes medical ID is also a great way to raise awareness in the community,” said Rick Russell, President and CEO of American Medical ID.

Since 1994, Houston-based, employee owned and operated, American Medical ID has created high quality, customized medical identification jewelry to meet your everyday lifestyle. The medical IDs are available with various styles of bracelets, necklaces, and sports bands, in gold, gold-filled, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, silicone, and nylon. Each ID is custom fitted and personalized with complimentary engraving. Candidates for a medical ID include anyone living with chronic or rare medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart conditions, stroke risk or memory impairment; persons with allergies such as food, drug or insect; and those taking multiple medications or blood thinners. For more information about American Medical ID, visit or call (713)695-0284.