Americans obsessed with staying young, article says. ARE YOU?

The AP (12/7, Irvine, Tanner) reported that as baby boomers age, “Botox (botulinum toxin type A), wrinkle fillers, and hormones of various kinds have become big business.” Now, “many in mainstream medicine and elsewhere worry that we’re becoming too focused on treatments with short-term benefits that have potentially dangerous side effects and scant, if any, evidence that they’ll help in the long run.” Some experts even “wonder if some people are actually jeopardizing their chance at a long, healthy life, both physically and emotionally,” in the quest to stay forever young, and have expressed “concerns that this obsession is sending the wrong message to younger generations.” Recent surveys conducted by “cosmetic surgery trade groups suggest that sizable numbers of people, even in their 20s, are getting cosmetic procedures.” The article detailed numerous examples of people undergoing various treatments, diets, or procedures to try to preserve youth and vitality.

In Arab world I think lebanese women are the most obsessed with staying young.Cosmotic surgery is done to alter how you look,many are done,not only for famous people,ordinary people are obsessed as well.
In Saudi Arabia,many women do cosmotic changes and even younger girls.Some people I could not recognise them after surgery !!!

I don’t mind getting older I just don’t see why we have to have wrinkles too. And i confess that if I could get something lifted so they don’t sag I would love to do it. I understand what you are saying Sohair, but would be in that line if it were possible for me.

I meant changes to the point I could not recognise the person. All these puffy lips as if have allergy,and cannot even smile normally.Healthy attitude and inner happiness,helping the others,make people glow and ageless.

I speak only from experience, but I have not met many American women that go to these extremes. I worked for a body product company for almost 3 years - selling lotions, “anti-aging” products, eye creams, etc. and I found that women will spend $10, $20, even $50 for a cream or a tonic that reduces signs of aging (yeah, right), but most stop there. Some swear by this-or-that product that reduces eye puffiness, but I would find it hard to believe that cosmetic surgery is the norm among Americans. At least not middle class. I am sure it’s big among the Hollywood faces, but not ordinary people.

Personally, I’ve decided to let aging happen as it’s going to happen. I’ve never colored or permed my hair and now, at the age of 39, I do have some grays. So far, thankfully, no wrinkles. I use Pond’s face cream daily and it seems to be working. I know a LOT of women my age (friends, colleagues and others) all of whom spend tons of money on Botox, perms, hair color, etc… I just think natural is better. BUT… I will never stop wearing makeup! : )

I am not, I am happy to be my age–happy to be married to my hubby for 32+ years, very happy to have two grown marreid adult children, happy to be going to be a grandma soon…and while I have been known to dye my hair 9sometimes outrageous colors) it is not to hide my age…right now sporting mostly gray…and yep I got wrinkles and freckles…and plan to keep em(I domoisturize my skin–for my comfort–dry skin-al least for me-itches)

I just want to age gracefullly

Come on down to SE FL!

The obsession with staying youthful in appearance stems from a few factors in my opinion, but it is so sad to me that after so many women striving so hard for so many years to obtain equality in society, alot of women still need to feel attractive in a provocative way to feel good about themselves.

The other upsetting cause is that our society doesn’t respect older citizens the way other cultures do…so no one wants to be old or look old.

The thing is, I’ve got this sort of magical portrait of myself in my attic. It’s getting older, but I’m not . . .

Terry, I think the magical attic portrait is what keeps us going. My father ended up needing to be hooked to his little portable oxygen tank at all times. You know, he said that he didn’t feel old until he went to live at an assisted living facility and was surrounded by frail older adults. I am convinced that in his attic, trailing oxygen tank and all, he was still the young hot shot WW ll pilot.

Personally I don’t like the wrinkles I am getting… and I definitely hate the huge brown spots I stated to get on my hands and face… I hate them… but… I try to keep myself aware of the importance of balance in the things I give importance in my life… so I make an effort to stop thinking about it…

I am Venezuelan, talking of a country obsessed with feminine beauty (NOTE I say feminine :wink: Since I left my country 9 years ago, every time I think about this topic, it is too much for me I am feel glad I don’t have to deal since I am in the US. Surgery, diets, and fashion all have a very heavy cultural weight especially in women and girls in my country. I don’t have numbers but I feel here in the US people its a lot more relaxed.

I DO believe it is important to take good care of your body and image in general, it is vital to stay healthy and to feel good about yourself. The hard part is where to draw the line and the self expectations. BALANCE, BALANCE, I keep telling myself.

Andreina, where I live near Ft Lauderdale, there are lots of Venezuelan families. It is hard not to feel frumpy and unattractive with all the beautiful women walking around the grocery store in their high heels and tight jeans!

That said, I agree…feeling healthy and strong is a good goal.

I just want to live old enough to care that I have wrinkles :stuck_out_tongue:
I want to have a whole long head of white hair and tons of wrinkles and sit in my front yard and watch everyone run around. The young ones trying to be older and the old ones trying to be younger.

But on the serious side I hate what my culture has done to my daughters mostly the youngest. She kinda has a Marilyn Monroe body and that is considered fat! Please has the world gone insane?
Hallo Sohair :slight_smile: be loved

Laura…having serious medical concerns does put it into perspective, eh? AND!!! I agree 100%! My girls were growing up when Madonna decided underwear was clothing. The messages they were receiving were so scary to me. Luckily, they are both strong, independent young adults who don’t seem scarred by hooker inspired fashion.

We watched over months a tukish soap opera in TV,romantic Muhanned who loves Nour.Girls & women were mad about this romantic handsome Muhanned,they stirred a public outcry among saudi men who asked women not to watch the series.All girls want to imoprt Muhannad,and the like.

Typical! Instead of men watching to see how to make women happy, they simply tell women not to watch. (smile)

Arabic men are romantic till they get the women under their roofs,then Stop !!! But may be it is women fault who stop looking after their husbands and be imersed in motherhood.

Sohair…I think that is universal… Most men realize that they need to seduce a woman…until the chase is over and she is under their roof! They don’t really need that seduction and don’t understand that in us! The smart ones keep trying but most don’t understand why there’s a problem, I’m afraid.