Americans obsessed with staying young, article says. ARE YOU?

Years back,I read that philipino women were rated the sexiest women in the world.We felt jeolus.Who is voted lately.I am not up to date any more.Quit the game ( aging I guess…)

I am growing older naturally, I no longer color my hair, they grey shows (Im only 33) and I don’t care anymore. I have a very full figure and am considered fat. Which I am happy to not be gaining at this point so I am doing good there. I have always been worried about what our societies message has done do our younger daughters body image. As far as wrinkles go, I don’t care, just means I have more knowledge and world experience. ~8:o)
I must admit though that I would like to have a Tummy Tuck (I have had 3 babies and 2 c-sections, with the last two I got VERY big (everyone kept asking me if i was having twins and I was that big). So now I have this horrible flap where my lower stomach used to be. :frowning: I think I feel more self conscious about that than I do of anything. I have spots on my face dark spots from pregnancy that have not faded yet, and acne scars. But I can’t afford it, so it wont be happening anytime soon Thank god for big clothes.
Have a good one, sorry for the book.

That’s great they are strong. My youngest is the moody artist she drew my avatar I use but she is much more sensitive then my older girls. I hope she finds herself stronger against the pictures in the magazines as she gets older instead of feeling like there is something wrong with her because she is not size 2. She never could be even if she stopped eating it is just not how she was designed. The good thing is she is modest which is good cause with a build like hers it would be very dangerous if she was not.

I love living where I do. But as with anything else there is a ying and yang. We have so much and the other side is it is never enough so when we can not change anything we try to change ourselves.
Be loved

Well… I am 48, probably look it (grey, almost white, thinning hair, some furrows but not too many wrinkles), but in my mind I’m still in my late 20’s or early 30’s.

I am too afraid of surgery to consider any surgical cosmetic procedure. I do have a few facial preparations I use, mostly to keep my skin from drying out so badly that I can’t smile or close my eyes…

I’m OK with aging. In my experience, with age comes wisdom. Even people who live life without much to show for it, gain wisdom beyond our understanding, and when they share it, we learn, and eventually make sense out of their experiences through our own. I enjoy the maturity and life experiences that come with aging. I am a spiritual person, and I believe in an afterlife, so I try not to focus on the “end” of my life. I believe there is more. So whatever life on Earth has to offer, I’ll take it. We learn from everything we see, touch, smell, hear and taste. Enjoy the little things in life, they mean the most.

I love catching men’s minds and get engaged in intellectual disussions,art & poetry.I joined face book,and got in touch with writers & poets from Arab counties,amazing are their writing,men & women.I will try to go wider for more poets from every where to inspire each other’s writing.

Yes tmana,it is mind that keep the youth glowing.Actually we get better as we age,we know what is important in life,we have some wisdom and some madness ( who cares) and we behave as if much younger.

I just read that universally, we get more content as we age beyond middle age…I suspect for the reasons you state. Personally, I don’t know about the wisdom, but I love the madness!

In the movie Clueless, the mother had died from a “freak liposuction accident.” Can you imagine dying during cosmetic surgery? What a legacy to leave!

Some of the most beautiful people I have known had grey, thinning hair, and networks of wrinkles etched across their faces. The fine lines and far-seeing eyes showed the love, wisdom, and experience their years had won them. I hope that, should I achieve that age, I have the faculties, abilities, opportunities, and desire to pass on my own meager knowledge to those who follow.

It is true,it is little things in life that really matter when we get older,but aging is painful process to accept,once we do accept it,we start enjoying life,catching its true beauty before it ends.

I embrace my age!!! I love my age and to me age is only a number. I love to celebrate my birthday:) Your only as young or old as you feel. I refuse to spend money on looking young…lol not sure why people do it.

You are young,wait until you are my age,and…? though I will never do any thing to my looks.