America's (The World's) Silent Killer

If you see this in time - come and join in on the discussion in just 1/2 an hour with Mark Clifford (Global Diabetic Awareness Radio Network) and a few others (moi <lol>) as we talk about Oprah’s show on the telly yesterday - here’s the link to join …


I don’t watch daytime TV that often as I’m a working stiff, but yesterday I recorded the Oprah show - which was all about diabetes. I had read during the week from other PWD bloggers that they were abit disgruntled that probably the show would dwell on Type 2 diabetes. That doesn’t bother me, as I still
clump all the different versions of diabetes as being one, we all are
having to deal with living with diabetes whether it be with just
pills/diet/exercise/insulin. Below is a comment that I posted at one
of the many diabetic forums I belong to which I find seemed to be
highly critical of how Oprah / Dr. Oz brought it to the public viewers

found it pretty good. You have to remember, it’s aimed at the average
viewer, who may not have much knowledge of diabetes, and what they have
is usually based on incorrect info (e.g. you get it if you’re fat,
yadda, yadda, yadda). Because of it only being an hour show (with LOTS
of ads - not used to day time telly) - they could only really cover the
basics, but I personally felt the info put forth was well done. I
think it helped my husband understand about what sugar in our systems
does to us with the video that Dr. Oz showed on how the food breaks
down in our bodies. Seeing how the “shards of glass” aka “sugar” go
thru’ our blood vessels if it’s not been converted correctly due to our
pancreas not squelching out the juice made me cringe (I will never look
a broken glass in the same way again). It didn’t help that I was
sitting down nibbiling on cookies and an espresso (with sugar) for my
evening snack. Yes, I had taken insulin to cover the carbs aka sugar -
so hopefully less “shards of glass” will enter into my blood stream,
but still I felt abit uneasy.

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Anna I agree with you I think the show was well done considering time constraints and the massive audience they were trying to educate in that hour was a massive job.

Hey Danny - I’m going to have to reread over this TAG bit you put down below - trying to make heads/tails of how to calculate it - but I think I’m getting there (I’m to brilliant minded with numbers, etc.).

Now, if they’d talked about this on the show - given the time frame they had - I think they might have lost a few people along the way (like I’m feeling right now with reading what you wrote). Again, as some people have stated, maybe another show, another time, with more information on TAG and other stuff they couldn’t fit into the 40 minutes (can’t imagine how much editing ended up on the floor - and as I said to Mark on the show on Friday that we did - maybe they should have had PWD’s helping out with the editing - maybe you as the D expert and me as the nonD expert - to try to put it into an understanding that just regular folks could understand without losing them).